Launching a Start-up: Should College Students Do Business after Graduation?

If you remember how Microsoft, Facebook, FedEx, and Napster started, you’d know the answer to the question in the title right away. If those who were still studying and even have since stopped attending university managed to build an empire, imagine what those with degrees can do. Think of the opportunities that are open that, […]

iPad Commercial Featuring “Porn” And “Gay Porn” [NSFW]

Conan recently teased the latest iPad ads and released his own Porn ad for iPad. Conan highlights how most people use their iPad. Here is the Porn ad by Conan.

Convert Your AAA Battery To AA Battery With Tethercell, Control Your Device With Bluetooth

Tetherboard today unveiled Tethercell prototype at CES 2013. Tethercell is basically a plastic sleeve that converts AAA battery into AA battery. It also has built in bluetooth 4.0 radio which can be controlled by millions of devices. Teatherboard has separate app to control Tethercell. With bluetooth support we can control the flow of current from our smartphone […]

Tegra 4 – Nvidia’s Quad Core Processor With 72 Core GPU

Nvidia today unveiled its latest Tegra 4 processor. Tegra 4 Processor comes with Quad core processor and 72 Core GPU. Yes, 72 Core GPU for better mobile gaming experience. Tegra 4 also supports 4G LTE. Nvidia. This new Nvidia processor is built on new 28nm manufacturing process. This Nvidia Tegra 4 processor is mainly developed to improve […]