Tata Indica Vista D90 ZX Review

Tata motors and blogadda.com is kind enough to send me Tata Indica Vista D90 for 3 days with Full tank Fuel for test drive and review purpose. The car was stunning maroon color with dual tone black top with chromium finish. The car also comes with sporty alloy wheels which adds more beauty to the car.

Indica Vista D90


The cabin of the car is inspired by TATA Manza, a sedan class car. The cabin of the car has a large room that a tall person can sit peacefully in the back seats of the car. The seat is very comfortable for long journeys. The Indica Vista D90 has adjustable front seats and (60:40) split back seats to increase the boot space or to carry any cargo if the back seats are empty. Indica Vista D90 has 232 liters of boot space.

The Height of the Driver seat can be adjusted easily and its suitable for any driver profile. Like the driver seat the steering can also be adjusted to fit any driver profile for comfort. The driver information dashboard is perfectly situated and it can be easily monitored by the driver.

The drivers dash board illuminated if any of the car lights is turned on and its perfect for the night time. the driver information system of the car is situated above the audio system of the car, which gives the details about the current outside temperature, time and remaining mileage to empty. It also shows the instant mileage and also average mileage.The instant mileage shows according to the speed and running condition. The average mileage shows the mileage of the previous trip.

Indica Vista D90 4

The side controls of the car is easy to access. The driver side door has the controls for power windows of all the four doors and it also has the controls for side mirrors. The side mirror of the car is easily adjustable with the joystick situated right above the power windows controls. This is really a nice move because the driving person no need to depend on the next seat passenger to adjust the side mirror during driving.

Tata Indica Vista D90 Comes with two mobile charging ports one in the front and one in the back. The rear passengers can charge their mobile device without disturbing the driver.

Music System

The car has inbuilt car music system. The music system has bluetooth enabled, includes CD player, Reads songs on  USB storage device Has 3.5 mm AUX jack and radio. I Tried all the formats except CD player. Are you still using the CD’s to listen songs?

The sound quality was amazing if the songs are played via bluetooth or  USB storage device. The audio quality is good with radio and AUX method.

Indica Vista D90 2

Like I said early the music system comes with bluetooth so its its easy to play he songs on the mobile phones via bluetooth in the car audio system. The bluetooth of the audio system has multi point technology which means I can connect upto 5 devices. I can also receive or make calls via bluetooth. It also shows call logs.

The steering wheel of the car comes with audio controls. There is a mute button, Volume up and down, and seek button to change the tracks. It also has the call answer and button is the steering wheel which is very much useful while driving.

Not that the songs on the  USB storage device or the radio stations are controlled using the seek button. The tracks one the iPhone can also be changed easily and also one mobile devices. The call quality of the inbuilt speaker phone is amazingly good and perform well


Tata Indica D90is powered by Quadrajet 90 bhp Engine. The performance of the engine is awesome. power of the Diesel engine is almost equal to the powerwe get in petrol cars. I took the car to beach highway outside my city to test the top speed of the car and reached 140 Kph.

Indica Vista D90 Quadrajet

If I can reach that speed i have to back it up in case of any emergency. Tata Indica Vista D90 comes with ABS technology which adds more safety to brake and stop the car at that high speed. This car also comes with SRS air-bags for front seat passenger and driver.

Headlights of the car is really powerful to improve the visibility of the road during the night time. The cooling power of the AC is very good and the performance of the car may reduce if the AC Runs at full. This happens with most of the car.


Indica Vista D90 3

Overall the performance of the car is really good. I enjoyed a lot for 3 days had a small tour with my fellow blogger friends. I think this car is ideal for youths because of its performance and sporty looks. This car is also best suitable for small family. My rating for Indica Vista D90 is 8 out of 10.

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