The New 5k Retina iMac – The Best iMac ever?

On Thursday Apple unveiled a new 5K iMac — the first desktop Mac to feature Apple’s famed Retina display technology. It’s fancy and pleasing to the eye, but is it the best choice for a Mac User? The jury is out on that, but an interesting offering especially if high-end content creation is your thing and you […]

Apple Updated iMac With Improved Graphics And Haswell Processor

Apple today introduced the new iMac with Intel Haswell processor and faster GPU. The new iMac also supports faster WiFI 802.11 ac and faster PCIe flash storage. iMac is a beautiful desktop computer. iMac has 2 models 21.5 inch and 27.inch model. The 21.5 iMac is packed with 2.7 GHz quadcore Intel i5 processor and […]