Space Setters – Free Online Sci-Fi RTS Game for iPhone iPad Fans

There’s an impressive rang of RTS games available for your iPhone and iPad, however a decent portion of them are not well worth the money or consuming the time playing them. So I am trying to make a introduce of worthwhile iOS game Space Settlers that covers major RPG styles with Sci-fi plot, and this unusual game is free to download on App store now.

A Bit of Background

Space Settlers doesn’t have much in the way of an elusive story. Scientist Hawking, by linking his brain with the most powerful computer in the world, predicated that dark energy crystal will become the most powerful energy source in universe. On the planet Terra, people use the extraordinary technological remains left by an ancient to harness Dark Energy Crystals, thereafter the First Space Settler Age began.

Space Setters

The Competitive Edge

Space Settlers is a free MMO that offers an incredible amount of mecha refitting and strategies, making the game extremely appealing and competitive for those looking for the best in the genre. It is attainable for strategy fans not solely get the blueprints up to 25 types of mecha chariots, but also conjointly refit each chariot as you want.

This iOS game’s popularity is not the only consideration for building sections, so with a few exceptions, it emphasizes combat sections which based in part of strategy battle. Space Settlers allows players easy navigation and drive chariots across game maps and campaigns. It continues the tradition of legion war of blending both attack and occupy tactics by legion members.

Graphics and sound. Space Settlers has slick cool graphics. It is impressive by pleasurable audio music and worth your first try.

Easy to play. Its initial tutorial consists entirely of instructions from the “Do this! Now do this!” school of design.

This online iPhone iPad game is also watchable on video trailer, anyone who is interested in this free iOS game, please check the video.

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