Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset Review

Recently I bought a Bluetooth headset to use with my new Samsung Galaxy 3. Its Sony Ericsson MW600 Bluetooth Headset. With this little devil you can experience the real wireless Bluetooth music streaming and attend voice calls. The sound  is Crystal clear and has OLED screen to check the volume, Incoming caller number, Battery Power Available, FM station, device connected. This Headset supports Multi-port,which means you can connect up to 3 Bluetooth devices. (I have connected my 2 phones and my PC). Apart from Multi port this headset has inbuilt FM Radio this device supports 3.5mm jack where you can swap the headphone according to your convenience. The battery backup is very good 7 – 8 Hrs for voice call and around 10 -11 Hrs for music streaming. Speaking about size its almost the size of AA Battery.

MW600 Review

5 Keys to play with

  • Previous, play/pause, next located on one side.
  • Call Button just above the OLED Screen
  • Power on/off at the bottom near the charging port

MW600 Review

The only disadvantage is the volume you have to slide which takes a little time to used to it, I feel uneasy while changing the volume while driving 🙁


The Headset Cost around $70. Which is surly worth for the money.

Note : Prevention is better than cure. Avoid cellphones while driving.. 🙂

Are you using Bluetooth headsets? Do you like it? Do share your views..

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  1. Features are nice and price is also reasonable :).

  2. Really nice,

    Is this available in india ?

  3. ashok sharma says

    i have a mw600 unite but i have a problem about charging i want to chargin socket sony ericsson’s searvice is very pooer veek and un satisfide.the cant arenge socket my fone number is 9825571554 i am in india.

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