Sonivo SBH-150 Bluetooth Headphone, Superior Sound Quality And Stylish [Review]

Are you using one of those wired headphones ? I hate it, It always tangle around me and make a mess. I am big fan of wireless devices. I recently bought Sonivo SBH-150 wireless Bluetooth headphones. Out of the box the headphones and cables comes in a black protective case which is best for storing the device when not in use and also while travelling.

The design of the headphone is simple and the comes with soft ear and head padding for comfortable use. Since the ear padding is ultra soft we can wear it for long time which will not interrupt our listening experience.

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The left side of the Bluetooth headphone has LED indicator, Power switch, Volume control, playback controls, microphone, 3.5mm audio input and micro USB cable. The on ear controls are easy to access and easy to change the tracks and also control the volume while listening to music or during calls.

The inbuilt mic quality is really good for communication. I tested this headphone with my windows 8 PC for Skype calls and also with my phone. Since this Bluetooth hands-free headphone is powered by Bluetooth 3.0 technology, I can roam within the range without and disturbance. This headphone can be paired easily with any device.

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I also tested this Bluetooth headphone with my iPhone. I can control the music and volume using the headphone controls. The battery life of the headphone is shown on the iOS device like iPhone or iPad.

This headphone is easy to charge all we need is PC or USB wall charger (If you are using a wall charger I will recommend the one with 500 mAh output for safe charging)

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The most added feature is 3.5mm jack, We can use the cable with any non Bluetooth devices or any other MP3 Player. I connected this headphone via cable to my iPhone, the headphone battery will not be utilized if the headphone is connected using the cable, when i connected the the iPhone the mic of the headphone is also worked properly and can also use the on ear controls. The 3.5 mm pin has 3 rings which supports headphone’s microphone on any mobile phone.

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Over all I really liked the headphones, the downside of the headphone is its folding design. Its little hard to fold back, if too much pressure is applied i think the headphone may break. So if you are going to use it with extra care I am sure this headphones will improve your listening and communication experience.

Box Contents

  • Carry Case
  • Sonivo SBH-150 Bluetooth Headphone
  • Micro USB cable for charging the Bluetooth headphone
  • 3.5mm cable for non Bluetooth devices

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  • 2 inputs Bluetooth and 3.5mm cable
  • Light weight, comfort and stylish
  • Playback and volume buttons
  • Inbuilt mic to use the headphone for voice communications (Tried with Windows 8 PC + Bluetooh and Skype)
  • Hi-Fi Sound quality
  • 12 hours talktime and 540 hours standby


  • Folding Design – May break if too much pressure is applied
  • Cheap build quality

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From my personal experience Sonivo SBH-150 Bluetooth headphone is definitely value for your money if you use it will proper care. The sound quality is good  and this will increase your music listening experience and also best for communication. You can get Sonivo SBH-150 Bluetooth headphone form for $75

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