SmartyDNS — The Most Simple yet Effective Way to Unblock Blocked Content

As you might know, some websites such as Hulu, BBC, Netflix, HBO and Pandora etc are limited to certain geographic areas — United States as in the case of Hulu! Obviously, since Internet is considered to be a global network of variety of devices connected together, it is awkward to move on with such restrictions, and this is the same reason, why the same Internet offers an option to remove these restrictions — DNS changing. Yet, because of presence of lots DNS services, you might be having trouble in choosing one from the market. In this post, however, we will give you a brief review of SmartyDNS, one of the most used solutions to unblock blocked content in Internet, by simply altering your DNS server, either manually or using dedicated connection client that is available for Windows-based computers! In this post, however, we shall explore various aspects of the service, such as pricing and plan, user interface of the PC client etc. First, we will have an introduction to SmartyDNS followed by our opinion about its dedicated client for PCs based on Windows.


SmartyDNS — the Practical Perspective

Suppose you are not from United States and want to access content that has been published in Hulu. Although some ‘techie’ methods are available in internet, SmartyDNS offers the best way to access those blocked websites by simply changing DNS servers of your internet connection. To do this, you can either use the dedicated connection client or follow the systematic tutorials that are available in support section of SmartyDNS website. In simple words, as you’re creating a connection between your device and DNS servers, you will be able to geographical-area-based restriction of web-based content, let it be music, sports or other videos. Now, however, we will share our experience with PC client of SmartyDNS.


SmartyDNS for Windows PCs

If you would like to access blocked web content using your Windows-based PC, SmartyDNS will become simpler, as it has a dedicated connection client for Windows PCs. Using this client, once you have selected the desired Netflix area and server along with frequency to change IP address, hitting the Connect button will establish connection between your PC and SmartyDNS server and you can start accessing the blocked website from the next second. Suppose you want to access Netflix as though you are a user from United Kingdom; you can do that by selecting the desired area of Netflix and desired server from the dedicated client of SmartyDNS for Windows PCs.

Pricing & Plans

When compared to other DNS providers, SmartyDNS has come up with a truly affordable pricing plan. You’ll be able to purchase SmartyDNS for one month by paying $4.95. On the other hand, If you are interested in purchasing same service for a longer period (for instance, 12 or 6 months), you can avail a notable discount in total amount that you’d have to pay. In addition, SmartyDNS, as a part of their winter promotion, offers a discount up to 80%, letting you have the service at a rate of $0.99 per month.


Other Features we Loved

  • Unlike most of other DNS services, use of SmartyDNS does not cause a notable decrease in internet speed
  • Support range of SmartyDNS is really huge that you will be able to install almost every common device to the SmartyDNS servers to access unblocked sites. Support range of SmartyDNS includes PCs, Mac, Smartphones, Smart TVs, Routers and Gaming Consoles.
  • Apart from the dedicated connection client, SmartyDNS has top-notch, easy to understand tutorials that will help users establish SmartyDNS connections in all of supported devices and platforms. Indeed, it is a great feature.

Decision Time

We think you know it — we are really impressed by the simple yet effective behaviour of SmartyDNS! Now, it is your turn to let us know your opinion about this service.

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