Simplified Google Search With gSeek

The King of Search engine is Google. Google Craws almost every page if a search is performed and shows the result in milliseconds. For Making a particular search ex. movies.. u have have to include the keyword as movies with your search queries. To make that even more simple there is a site named . gSeek is a  a simplified set of forms tat links directly to Google search engine. It makes you easier to search for desired content across multiple Google database. You can perform 19 different types of queries from single page.

gSeek - Simplified Google Search

The 19 different search wueries includes normal search, images, movies, music, text books, definitions, and lot more.. Now I have made my homepage to gSeek for this Simplified Search. 🙂


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  1. I think G-seek rocks in this internet world for particular search terms as you mentioned.Thanks for a well write up mate :)…

    BTW : RT done.

  2. Thanks for sharing about gSeek 🙂

  3. Thanx for the update.. 🙂

  4. Now all it needs is a little bit design… 😛

  5. Thanks for sharing. will try this to my homepage.

  6. Thanks for sharing this.. Nice Post!!

  7. Hi karthik I want to know will it work on blogger platform?

    • Dude gSeek is simplified portal for Google search . u dont need to worry about WordPress or blogger. the Google search will be performed according to the keywords u have entered in gSeek fields.

  8. It will help in searching =)

  9. Nice article…..

    gSeek actually works…..thanks

  10. nice content

  11. “Google Craws almost every page if a search is performed and shows the result in milliseconds”

    I thought they have a huge DB and they query that DB when a search is performed?

  12. gseek is just awesome…….

    i liked it…..

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