Screen Protector For Your Sexy Valuable Gadget

In todays world buying a smartphone is not an issue, safeguarding it is the real problem. Most of the smartphones comes out with touch screen this make the device most unique. In day to day usage normal wear and tear happen a lot. You may keep your device in your pockets or on table and you will see some minor scratches. If you get any scratches in your screen it will not look good.

You must use some screen protectors to safe guard your screen from such cases. one smart screen protector is available from Zagg. Zagg invisible shield is a unique film designed to protect US military helicopter blades, is later applied to consumer mobiles devices to make them scratch proof. Its one of the best screen protector for your valuable gadget. i am lucky to get iPhone 4 Screen Protector to use it on my phone. Screen protectors are available for iPods, iPads and other gadgets.

How to Install Zagg Shield?

  • First Turn off your device
  • Spray the solution in your hand in order to avoid the finger prints in the shield
  • Peel the shield off its paper backing
  • Lightly moisten the front and back of the shield
  • Place the shield on your device
  • Using the given installation card push the moisture and the bubbles to the edges
  • Now use a lint-free cloth to soak up the excess moisture

Note : If still bubbles are left dont worry.. it will disappear in 2 – 3 days !

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  1. some good tips here – i didnt know you could get a protector for the ipod as well – i thought they were just for laptops/monitors and tablets

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