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RockSTAND – Go Green and Read on screen, is an android application which has been designed and catered to the needs of those techno enthusiasts who likes to read e-Magazines and eBooks on the go. The application which currently resides only on android platform is soon expected to be launched for I-OS and windows platforms too.

So what makes Rockstand different from the other eBook readers which have already been in market?? Read on…

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Rockstand has various features of which some are very appealing and with a very easy to use interface.

Huge Library with Categorization:

Gives access to huge collection of eBook and e-Magazine libraries classified into various categories like sports, children, management, business and technology, politics etc.

Books and Magazines library includes various International copies like – BBC Knowledge, Chip and National copies like India today in various regional languages. You can also find books from Robin Sharma and other renowned authors. And if you are CAT aspirant, you can get Arun sharma CAT books for as low as 49 R/s, while the real book costs you around 550.

There are lots of management and self-development books too.

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The app provides you a bookshelf, in which you can see all the books and magazines you have downloaded. There are separate tabs to see either books alone or magazines or both.

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Mobile Book Shop:

Now you can shop and buy magazines and book with your mobile using Rockstand application. Book rates starts from as low as 49 R/s. to 2000 R/s. You can use net banking or cards for payment.

So does that mean using Rockstand you cannot read books without paying? No. There are “N” number of books and magazines which are available free for users to read.

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Offline Reading:

Rockstand also provides the feature for offline reading. Once an ebook or magazine is downloaded, you can read it anywhere on the go without an internet connection.

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Text to Voice (Beta):

Yes, you read it right. This app has an inbuilt text to voice converter which reads a book for you. You don’t have to strain your eyes all the time.  Although it’s in beta, with not many extensive features the sound quality and pitch are pretty decent.

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Day/Night Mode:

Rockstand provides you the day/night mode adjustment for optimizing the visual experience while reading e-books.

Font Customization:

There are various options to change font size, font smoothing options, font family change, auto hyphenations and background style change. Even you can include custom wallpaper as background or simply choose a custom colour as background.

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Buddy Connect:

Like any other social networking, you can also connect with your friends using this app. You can invite friends and your friends can send you friend requests. There are also suggested friend list from Rockstand from which you can add your friends.


Rockstand allows us to create our own profile and gives us provision to add our profile picture with email id and DOB.

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Apart from the above, we have

  • Annotations to highlight text
  • Page bookmark facilities which allow you to continue from where you have left
  • Flip pages like you do with real books
  • Goto page facility where you can directly goto a page number of your choice.

What You Will Like:

  • Annotations which you can share with buddies and friends
  • Text to Voice
  • Neat and simple User interface
  • Offline Reading
  • Day/ Night Mode

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What You Won’t Like:

  • Lack of good International book collections.
  • Lack of Index while reading eBooks.
  • Inconsistency while flipping pages.
  • Lack of extensive and advanced settings for magazines.
  • Download stops when you close the app.


This app is worth a try for those who would like to read on the go. With a better library and standard of books, Improved pricing and payment options would be a step up for this app.

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