Retina iPad Mini vs Kindle HDX

The Retina iPad Mini is set to hit the consumer market next month and with it, a tablet war has been waged. The high resolution and 7.9-inch display of the new Apple device will be the yardstick that other 7-inch tablets are measured against. But does the Kindle Fire HDX have what it takes to nudge the iPad Mini off of its pedestal?

Here we will see the Apple iPad Mini (Retina Display) and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7” go head to head on five rounds to crown the next mini tablet champion.


Round 1: Memory and Storage

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Apple do not publish the amount of RAM on their devices, we can only speculate about the iPad Mini’s memory. However, it is likely to be the same 1 GB offered on the iPhone 5S, seeing as both run 64-bit apps. Apple will also offer a 128-GB model, in addition to the other 64-GB, 32-GB and 26-GB versions.

Comparatively, the Kindle HDX boasts 2 GB of RAM for the Kindle HDX, allowing it to run apps on Fire OS 3.0. The device will be available with 64-GB, 32-GB or 16-GB.

Winner – Despite the monstrous GB available on the new iPad Mini, the Kindle HDX wins for its standard 2 GB of RAM.

Round 2: Battery Life

Battery life is a major concern for users, especially commuters and travellers looking for some entertainment on long-haul flights. The iPad Mini has a stated battery life of 10 hours, whereas the Kindle Fire HDX offers general use of 11 hours, or 17 hours for users just using it to read.

Winner – Hands down Kindle HDX wins this round.

Round 3: Display

The iPad Mini offers big things in a little packet. The same number of pixels as the larger iPads is available on the 7.9-inch Retina display. It also features a resolution of 2,048-x-1,536 on the IPS panel, delivering 326 pixels per inch.

Not stepping down though, the Kindle HDX puts out 2,560-x-1,600, or 339 ppi, on its 8.9-inch diagonal LCD screen. Both devices produce a resolution so high that the human eye is unable to detect the pixels on either.

Winner – It’s a draw.

Round 4: Camera

The front-facing camera on the iPad Mini is a fixed-focus 1.2MP sensor. The device also has a rear 5MP camera with 2.4g aperture and a five-element autofocu. In addition, the iPad Mini is capable of capturing 1080p video recording, with the front capturing 720p. Geotagging is available for both photos and videos too.

Amazon provides an 8MP sensor with a 2.2f aperture lens for the Kindle HDX’s front-facing camera. It also has an LED flash, image stabilisation and the same video capabilities as the iPad Mini for video chats.

Winner – Due to the lack of a rear-facing camera on the Kindle HDX, the Retina iPad Mini scoops this round.

Round 5: Price

For the 16GB version of the iPad Mini, consumers can expect to spend $399 with Wi-Fi, or $529 with Wi-Fi and LTE. The Kindle Fire HDX is cheaper at $379 for the 16GB model with Wi-Fi only. For $479, you can purchase the Amazon device with Wi-Fi and LTE, but expect to add $15 in order to remove those pesky lock-screen ads.

Kindle devices have always been widely available, with the previous model being a favourite for competition prizes, such as the Kindle Fire contest hosted on PokerTruths. You can currently place pre-orders for the Fire HDX for shipment on 7th November for Wi-Fi models or 10th December for cellular units. The iPad Mini is set for availability in late November.

Winner – Although not a significant amount, the Kindle HDX is around $20 cheaper than it’s Apple counterpart and will launch on the consumer market earlier, giving the device it’s third and final win.

So there you have it. Although consumers should consider their tablet needs before whipping out their wallets, it seems that Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX has stolen the throne and is the overall winner.

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