Recycle Your Old Mobile and Save Earth

Are you going to buy new mobile phone ? What you are going to do with your old mobile phone ? Few years back when I first bought the mobile, I only had the option of calling and sending message, but now with my iPhone and Android, I use to check mails, social networking, blogging, and lots more stuffs are added. If you bought a new phone better join a mobile phone recycle program and recycle your old mobile phone.

Recycle Phone

How mobile phone recycling improve our environment?

By recycling you old phone, you are actually saving the environment, yes, the old phone parts are recycled and they are released as new phone, this cuts down the cost, pollution and also the use of earths resources. If you take of apple products the are releasing almost a phone in a year which has more improvements in both hardware and software. In my case my I used iPhone 3GS and now having iPhone 4. In these case you can recycle iPhone to save the environment.

There are lots of resources where you can recycle your phone, is one in them. They offer better price for your old phone.  Search the phone model you want to send, from the search results select the manufacturer and sell them your phone, the details about the manufaturer and the payment options are given in the search results. once you are satisfied, sign up and provide your details, you will receive the stuffs to send your mobile to them. one your phone is verified you will be paid. Dont let your old mobile go to the shelf, better recycle and save our environment.

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  1. not for Indians 🙁

  2. I do not know that i can sell my old phones and i do something for the environment.
    When it comes old phones probably i’m one of the few people who still have a sagem my x, one motorola v3, a phillips phone (i don’t remember the model), a sony erricson w800i + 2-3 more.

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