Personalized Shopping from the Comfort of Your Phone

B2C (business to customer) eCommerce is a hot topic that is affecting the retail, hospitality, and specialty industries. Personalization and branding is a trend that has taken place over many years, but they are becoming more predominant in the field of small business ventures. According to, there is a rising need for personalized shopping via smart phone devices for varying age groups since they are often more engaging than computers and are often carried around by their owner for most of the day.

Ways to Catch Up

Personalization of B2C eCommerce is something that marketing firms have taken into account for many years by tracking statistics, looking at the powerful psychology of consumerism, as well as the trail of consumer spending purges in various outlets and markets, both locally and internationally. This may seem daunting to small business owners due to their lack of marketing knowledge. There are certain tricks of the trade that you can utilize to raise your capital, warm the hearts of your consumers, and make them feel glamorous every time they visit your online store. Free social media and marketing is at a peak, so this is the perfect time to experiment with personalization for your business.

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Make Your Site Adaptable

There are a series of different people that browse the Internet, both locally and internationally. Competition is high in the realm of B2C eCommerce since specialty stores, novelties, and fashion fetishes are increasing. The big picture can scare even the most strong and determined business owners from seeing the amazing potential in their business. The best way to start the personalization process is to make your site mobile friendly. Make sure to include a digital shopping cart which is easily obtainable through eCommerce shopping cart software. There are many sites that offer premium packages for business as well as support for growing enterprises.

Got the Cart now Grab Their Heart

After there is a shopping cart in place, the rest of the personalization can begin. If you are internationally based, try using different language functions on your site as well as currency calculators. As far as applications for the shopper goes, showing people that they are important can be as easy as setting up an application dedicated to getting their feedback on your services. A great example of such clever marketing can be found on Dropbox. While not specifically requiring you to leave feedback, there is a free amount of space given if you say why you love Dropbox. Offering discounts, price reductions, mini prizes, or other fun bonuses are all great ways to get higher reviews, leading to higher traffic, and hopefully higher capital.

Backtrack to the Beginning

As any marketing experts will conclude, you are only as successful as the amount of hours you put into your business. Learn about the general audience you cater to, research peak seasons for your apparel, and see who has a vested interest. If your business largely attracts males or females, then find branding basics that work to promote your brand image to that population (black to males, pink to females). If you do not have a brand image, get one. Branding is essential to balancing your online presence with your services both online and in person. A well-groomed business image with an easily accessible online cart, as well as bonuses and freebies, are all great ways to make customers want to visit your site on a regular basis, while feeling special each time.

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