Panasonic HXD3 Headphone Review

Music or Movies, many prefer headphones than traditional sound systems. People who wants privacy and people who travel prefers headphones. Headphones comes in different quality and different price range. A good quality headphones which can deliver superior quality audio wins. I recently got Panasonic HXD3 Headphones.

Panasonic HXD3 headphone – Review

The headphone is light weight, durable and feels smooth and good. Panasonic HXD3 headphone has 1.2 meter cable with 3.5 mm audio jack with makes it compatible with any device. L shaped jack is good, if you are using the headphone with your phone, you can easily keep the phone in your pant pockets without damaging the wire. This headphone is adjustable and fit for all heads. The Panasonic HXD3 headphones has ultra-durable and soft ear pad which is definitely good for long time usage. The soft padded head rest also helps us to wear the headphone for long hours.

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The sound quality of the headphone is very good, it delivers superior quality audio signals, the bass and ,mid range sounds are really good when compared to other headphones in the same price range. Since the sound output quality is good, this headphone will definitely improve the listening experience. The overall sound quality of the headphones and durability of the headphone is good but still it lacks some features like Microphone or inline remote control. We have to depend on the host device to control the volume or play controls.

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Panasonic HXD3 Headphone – Ups

  • Advanced sound driver technology enables glorious sound quality
  • Sleek and stylish design stands out from other headphone models
  • Manufactured from premium scratch resistant, lightweight durable materials
  • Features a well-balanced design and soft padding for ultra-comfortable use
  • Compatible with any phone, music player or other device with a 3.5 mm audio connector

 Panasonic HXD3 Headphone – DOWNs

  • No Microphone
  • No inline remote or volume control.
  • Cable is not flat and tangle free

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For less price Panasonic HXD3 headphone is soft, comfort and durable. The sound quality of the headphone is good. For $30 you can get this headphone for your favourite music player or mobile phone from

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