Online Classifieds: An Evolution In Classified Advertising

When was the last time you used your thick fat Yellow Pages book to search for a classified? Contacting the nearest shops or finding used products in India Classifieds has got very easy these days, with online services just a click away. This method allows both individual users and professional services/company owners to promote and advertise their product and services. Being so simple, any person can also post an advertisement for a product he does not use/need anymore too.
These services offer a platform for the users to post their advertisements and requirements. Buying and selling of products and services is categorised neatly into categories and sub-categories making the whole experience easy to use. The main advantage of Online Classifieds is that the buyer can directly contact the seller of the product and have talks with him and proceed further. The hassles of online payment, waiting for couriers and failed online shipments can be avoided using Online Classifieds. 
These classifieds that are used on the online platform provide various prospects. Right from Job Search to Matrimony, there are a wide range of services that can be offered or accepted from companies and individuals. Users can also be found selling products such as Mobile Phones, Furnitures and LCD TVs on the Online Classifieds websites. Cars and Land/Property are also commodities that are found on these services. All these items have their actual photo posted along with a detailed description of the product, its state and condition too. All these information make it very easy for the buyer to know about all the details of the product he/she is going to purchase, including the model of it, colour, damages, if any etc; 
Adding to the convenience factor, these come with mobile based webpages and applications too. Any internet enabled mobile can browse through thousands of classifieds and advertisements and make get the product/service with a single tap. 
One of the famous websites in India which focusses on the Online Classifieds sector is OLX. OLX provides free classifieds where people can post their requirement and the buyers can directly contact the seller as their phone number is displayed alongside the advertisement making it very easy to contact and proceed with the purchase. OLX’s new TV advertisements have made it to the top media channels in the country and show how easy it is to sell off any product from home, with ease. Here is ont of their TV Advertisements

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