Be Online With Aircel – Aircel’s Initiative to Make Mobile Data More Affordable

Aircel takes up the initiative to make mobile data more affordable through its  ‘Be Online with Aircel’ campaign for encouraging people to avail the internet benefits under its low-cost plans. Under this campaign, Aircel launched a host of unbeatable services to offer maximum affordability for the mobile internet to customers. This includes the Free Basic internet plan with Unlimited 3G for Rs. 9 per day to bridge the significant gap between the urban and rural India. Aircel records 53% growth in data revenue and 65% growth in consumption with this campaign.

Aircel has also launched the revolutionary ‘1GB for all’ mobile internet for all prepaid customers at an affordable cost and ensures everyone will avail a meaningful internet experience with at least 1GB. The validity of this pack will vary according to the customer’s usage pattern. For instance, if the usage is low, then the validity of the pack will be higher compared to an extensive mobile internet user. This exceptional service will ensure customer delight and will encourage consumers to use mobile data more often.


Sunil Kuttam, Head – Data & Devices, Aircel, said, “The internet penetration in rural India is remarkably low at 13% as against 54% in urban India in a country that anyway has the lowest internet penetration among major economies. One of the factors that negatively influences this phenomenon is high data prices, and as a responsible telecom operator, Aircel is taking the lead in the mobile internet space with renewed energy and vigour with its ‘Be Online with Aircel’ initiative that simply aims to get more people online by making mobile internet affordable for all.” 

He adds, “Data consumption by Aircel customers has seen a dramatic rise since the launch of the umbrella campaign – our unmatched offerings helped Aircel record 53% data revenue growth and 65% consumption growth in 2015. In addition, we witnessed 104% growth in 3G revenues and 167% growth in 3G users last year. The penetration of 3G devices has also grown by 65% and subscribers by 144% on year-on-year basis for Aircel. With Aircel’s new, attractive mass campaign that appeals to all to ‘Be Online with Aircel’, we aim to continue driving a much sharper growth this year, which will help us take data to the next level of growth and acceptance in India.” 

Aircel also has a strong play in RHBO (Reverse Handset Bundled Offer), wherein the company incentivizes new smartphones coming into its network, and that it is increasingly adding more smartphones to its network is a very positive sign in the desired direction.

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