NudeAudio Launches Portable Bluetooth Speakers in India

Now a days Bluetooth speakers are must have accessory for your tablet or smartphone. To enjoy the music in outdoors and have group fun, Bluetooth speakers are best. NudeAudio launched their wide range of Bluetooth speakers for Indian Music Lovers.

The NudeAudio move range of portable Bluetooth speakers are available in 2 colors : Charcoal/Coral and Gray/ Mint. NudeAudio named these devices as NudeAudio Move S, NudeAudio M and NudeAudio L based on the speakers size. The “Move S” is an ultra-portable pocket-sized version, “Move M” takes things up a notch in terms of both size and bass, and the “Move L” offers the range’s biggest size, filling an entire room with a rich, warm sound.


All these NudeAudio models comes with brightly colored carrying codes to encourage easy transport and the joys of sharing music, video, gaming and other audio-related experiences with those around you.  All the speakers also come with a thick, durable silicone sleeve that is both tactile and protective.


NudeAudio uses bluetooth 3.0 technology which has the wireless range of 33 feet. All three models has an eight hour battery life to enjoy uninterpreted music experience.


“Bluetooth speakers are now the most popular technology format and the preferred way for people to listen to music out loud from their smartphone or tablet. The benefits are obvious as it allows the phone to stay in close proximity of the user, so they can use other functions e.g. mail or Facebook while simultaneously listening to their music.” Says Amlan Bhattacharjya, Founder & CEO of Brandeyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

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All these NudeAudio Speakers are available exclusively on Flipkart

NudeAudio Move S – 3799 INR

NudeAudio Move M – 4999 INR

NudeAudio Move L – 8999 INR


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