Nokia Adds Map Reporter in Ovi Maps

Nokia is one of the Top manufacturer for Mobile Phones. Nokia is very much popular for its Symbian OS. Recently Nokia Ovi Maps has added Map reporter to make their service better. Map reporting helps users to report on various events since the traffic rules are changed at anytime by the governments.

You can navigate to map reporter from “MORE” in Nokia Ovi Maps Home

Nokia Ovi Maps

In Nokia map reporter you can report on following cases:

1. Missing  Street or Path

2. Incorrect Address

3. Incorrect One-Way Restriction

4. Blocked Street or Path

5.Incorrect Speed Limit

6. Not Suitable for Walking

7. Power Street lighting

How to Report?

Just go to any of the options, a new page will open where you will be asked for details. Fill it up and submit.

Nokia Ovi Map Reporter

I think this is really good option by nokia, traffic rules are to be changed. With your update many will get benefited..

Do share your views on Nokia Ovi Maps Reporter?

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  1. Nice feature 🙂 will benefit everyone.

  2. Well, I have used Nokia Ovi Maps in the past. Pretty useful program. I think this map reporting feature will make it more and more useful. nice addition…

  3. I do not have a Nokia, and never used Nokia Ovi Maps, but I see a video and it is seem a cool feature, and surely will be useful for many Nokia users 🙂

  4. Nokia is brilliant and adding these features will only makes it more popular the beauty about nokia phones is that they are very user friendly

  5. Interesting feature , just as google would have done in this case 😛
    Nokia is gearing up for tough fight in smart phones

  6. I think nokia is implementing its service to hold its market share…
    BTW : Bookmarked this post 🙂

  7. Seems like a good app , but Sony Ericsson user 🙂

  8. Very nice feature from Nokia.Thank you for sharing.

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