MyLife Review is a social networking site that provides a list of U.S. and Canadian high schools and offers a people search. The site was founded in 2002 and boasts nearly 1 million new members each month. Registration is free and simple to set up to see who is listed on the site. It is free to search for members, but sending personal mail and using other features requires a paid subscription.


Paid subscribers will receive emails when someone has been on the site searching for them. You can keep in touch with both friends and relatives through, just as you can through other social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus, though it appears to be geared more reconnecting with old friends.

The site is also useful for monitoring who’s searching for you, such as personal searches or work-related searches, based on who has viewed your profile. The intuitive dashboard on allows you to see all of your email and social network updates, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook updates, in one place.

With over 22 million members, you are sure to find someone you know and want to reconnect with on The site is ideal for those with upcoming class reunions to find old classmates. Make planning your reunion easier by finding those difficult-to reach people through

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