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Have you ever come across any WordPress plugin which lets you build an app for mobile phone devices? Mobiloud is such a plugin which lets you transform your WordPress site to an app and users can access it in their smartphones. Mobiloud lets you build a native application for your website and it can be easily accessed in Android and iOS devices. The application will have a user friendly interface and will be responsive enough to access in any smartphone or tablet device. Mobiloud is used by a large number of profitable blogs and websites because it simplifies the user interface and makes navigation easier.


Features of Mobiloud

  • Customize your app with your own design and branding.
  • Easily create an app in minutes.
  • Integrate your Google Analytics account to analyze website traffic.
  • Free app testing and preview for your mobile.
  • Get unlimited notifications.
  • Include mobile ads from DFP, MoPub, Admob, etc.
  • Remove Mobiloud branding.
  • Phone and email support.
  • Supports build and submission
  • Native app for Android and iOS.
  • Reliable pricings for a pro account.
  • Free testing and preview for first time users.

How Mobiloud works?

Mobiloud easily generates an app for your website can be used by all your visitors. This helps visitors find your content easily without using the mobile web browser. Mobiloud is the modern form of getting a mobile generated website with a responsive design for on the go traffic. You can also integrate multiple forms within your application and can embed HTML, Java and iFrame scripts into the content page. And another best feature of Mobiloud is that anybody who uses your app will get a push notification on their mobile whenever a new content is added to your website.

How to build your application with Mobiloud?

Building your application with Mobiloud is an easy process. As you know today most of the WordPress plugins carry the complex options and features that users find it difficult to build apps. But using Mobiloud is not at all a troublesome job.

To use Mobiloud for your website, download the Mobiloud plugin from your WordPress control panel. You can download it from the ‘Get Started’ area where you’ll need to fill up a simple form for testing purpose. Simply fill out your complete name, email and website address to download the plugin.

After the plugin is installed, you will come across the Mobiloud Get Started page where you will find a number of tabs. First the Design tab which allows you to upload your website logo and navigation bar colour. You’ll also require selecting the app’s homepage and url and article list style. As you keep customizing the options you can see a preview of the app beside the page.

Next is the Menu Configuration page where you can select categories, tags, pages, links and adjust menu settings.

After you have configured the menu, you can now test your app in the simulator. To preview your app in your Android or iOS device follow the procedure below:

  • Download and install the Mobiloud app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Launch the app and you will be redirected to the dashboard.
  • Shake your phone.
  • A pop-up box titled ‘Preview your App’ will be visible.
  • Enter your site’s url in the box and you’ll be able to preview your self-designed app on your device.

If you are satisfied with your design then you can publish your app from the next tab from the WordPress plugin. Publishing your app will require a premium Mobiloud account from which you can avail all the features and benefits.

Why use Mobiloud?

As you can see till now that creating an app from Mobiloud does not require any coding skills. If you try, you build an app the normal way then you’d need to learn coding or hire an Android developer. But using Mobiloud will let you create your own app just with a few clicks. How simple is that, isn’t it?

Secondly, if you use the other app creating applications then you might find them very complex or the pricing would be too expensive. Mobiloud offers very reliable pricing with higher benefits that you’d ever need for your app. The settings and options are so simple that any first time WordPress user can operate it easily. When any visitor wants to read a post from your website he’ll be easily redirected to it within the app.

From the advertising settings, you can choose which advertisements should be displayed on your app. Also you can specify the advertisement space whether you want to display it on the top or on the bottom, but you cannot display it at the both zones together.

Mobiloud has in-built support for Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics for which you’d require entering your tracking ID’s. After that you can track your website visitors directly from the app.

With Mobiloud, you can also embed HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS codes anywhere within the content page or other pages. This will not affect the visibility of the app and will look the same as you can see in your WordPress site.

The best feature of Mobiloud is the push notifications feature where every app user is notified about the new posts on the site. Push notifications can also be used for custom posts and categories which would focus on readers of specific interest. This gives you a better management of the complete app.

Mobiloud Pricings

As I said Mobiloud is a free plugin but getting benefitted from all its features would require a premium account. Mobiloud starter’s plan starts from $69 per month and you’ll get 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it. The professional plan would cost $99 per month with notifications for up to 2,500 users and ad support and the publisher plan costs $199 per month with unlimited push notifications, additional customizations and support for login protected sites.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 3.21.42 PM

If you need any custom plan for yourself then Mobiloud’s support team would be glad to help you with it.


So if you want to make your WordPress site smartphone oriented then get started with Mobiloud today. Besides providing a dedicated mobile platform, Mobiloud offers a number of benefits for the bloggers of today who professional seek to devote their time to blogging and web developing. I greatly recommend using Mobiloud for people who seek to build an app for their WordPress site.


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