iPhone Users Can Now Enjoy Next Generation Virtual Sex. Others Just Use Your Hands

Apple iPhone is an innovative sexy gadget for smart peoples. iPhone has lots of cool accessories. Apple recently launched iPhone 5, which has smaller connector than the stranded 30 pin connector. The new connector is called lightning connector. The downside of the Lightning connector is, most iPhone accessories are not supported. To solve this issue apple introduced 30 pin connector to lightning connector adapter. The price of the adapter is just $29 which is not a huge amount.

There are various other innovative accessories that can be used with iPhone via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. Recently, LovePalz introduced a sexy accessory which allows you to have virtual sex with your partner anywhere from the world.

LovePalz Virtual Sex

LovePalz actually made an accessory for men and women to have virtual Sex. They named their devices as  Zues for Men and Hera for Women. This accessory works with LovePalz iPhone app. To start just place the device in his/her “THAT” zone.

This device depends on each other, for example, the pressure and speed are synced between the devices in real-time to stimulate sex. Hera (female’s device) has automatic piston and Zues (male’s device) has air pump motor.

LovePalz Product Features

  • 7 modes at multiple speed
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Strong power body massage
  • Automatic Piston/ Air pump motor
  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Power saving
  • Easy to hold
  • Water proof

LovePalz product Pricing

  • Zues for Male – $49.95
  • Hera for Female – $49.95
  • Zues + Hera (Pair) – $94.95

Getting a pair of product is advisable. You also have the option to engrave your loved one name on the device. Just enjoy the sex with your partner rather than searching for someone in if you are miles away.

Via LovePalz

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