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LocalScope‘s main theme is to combine GPS and mapping with major search engines and social networks such as Google, Bing, Foursquare, Twitter, and Wikimapia. This gives you a brief view of multiple services of your surroundings. You can search the area nearby with the predefined categories like Hotel, Pub, Fuel Station etc or you can search with your keyword. The search results can be viewed as lists or as pins in your map or in a completly new Augumented Reality view. Say you are in San Francisco and still have the iPhone 3GS and wanted to get a new iPhone, searching buy iPhone4 San Francisco on LocalScope will show you the stores that have it. Lets see how it works.

Local Scope

User Interface Walkthrough:

This is the main screen of the app. It consists of predefined categories, the social media and search engines in a draggable tray.

Local Scope


There is a cap symbol in the main screen which brings up a map page with GPS toggle switch and GPS signal strength nearby.



When you click on a predefined category it will lookup the selected search engines and brings you the result. The search result can be viewed as list, map and Augumented Reality.



When you click on a search result it brings up the contact page of the result with the phone number and address details.



The location can be shared via sms, email, facebook and twitter. The location can be viewed in inbuilt Map too.


LocalScope Pros :

  • Feature rich UI
  • Well built Augumented Reality view
  • Cool UI sounds
  • Phone app and Map integration


  • Compass need realingment when you switch from another app and its not accurate sometimes.

I would certainly recommend this app for social media freaks and frequent travellers to know about their locality . This app is so good and worth the money.


Update (22/2/2011) LocalScope 1.2

The new version integrates with the GPS navigation application TomTom, enabling users to find a location and initiate turn-by-turn navigation to the location with a single tap.

Local Scope Facebook Integration

Besides the integration with TomTom, Localscope 1.2 enables seamless sharing with the Facebook App for the iPhone. Being one of the first integrations of its type, it allows users to directly share locations from Localscope via the Facebook app on their device, without having to log in every time.

Update (May 24 2011) : Check LocalScope 1.5 update

Are you iPhone user? Have your tried localScope? Do share your views..

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