KONG Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I love Bluetooth speakers for mobile phone or tablet. They are small, portable and improve the music experience during picnic or camp. I recently bought KONG Portable Bluetooth speaker, It is small and its aluminium design makes it feel and look premium.

KONG Portable Bluetooth Speaker (1)

Kong speakers uses both latest technology Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio cable for both wired and wireless connections. This is one of the killer feature of this Bluetooth speaker. We can connect the Bluetooth speakers to both Bluetooth supported phone or tablets and non Bluetooth supported MP3 players or laptops.

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The on-board controls on the speakers helps us to navigate through the music. We can change tracks, control volume, play/ pause using the control buttons. This Bluetooth speaker also comes with integrated mic, which helps to answer the calls through the speaker. Paring the speaker to any Bluetooth device is easy and it just takes 30 secs to connect.

KONG Portable Bluetooth Speaker (2)

Kong Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Features

  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • 3.5 mm audio cable input
  • Integrated mic for hands free calling
  • Control buttons.
  • Superior sound quality.

Overall performance of the KONG portable Bluetooth speaker is really good and worth for $30 and available in gearzap.com. If you have iPod touch 5th Generation, this speaker is a best option. Since the new iOS 7 supports Facetime Audio and video call, you can use this speaker for both music and calls.

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