iPhone 5 Holiday Shopping Guide: The Best Mods, Docks and Cases

This holiday season, there are loads of options laid out before us – but American consumers prefer Apple products to all others. If you’re one of the millions that will pick up an iPhone 5 or know someone that will, then this article for you. It’s seven of the best gifts for those with an iPhone, including cases, docks and mods. Let’s get into it!

iPhone 5 Cases

Protective case: Tech 21 Impact Snap with Cover

This is my favourite protective iPhone 5 case – let me tell you why. The Tech 21 Impact Snap uses this crazy D3O technology, an advanced polymer that in its natural form is as soft as putty, but it becomes rock hard if it experiences a sharp impact. This reaction makes for an incredible protective iPhone 5 case that resists impacts like nothing else, matching the protection granted by cases that are much bigger and thicker.



Stylish case: Draco Design Aluminium Case

Draco Design are a Japanese Studio responsible for some of the best looking phone cases in the world. One of their best known cases was their Aluminium Case for the Galaxy S II, which won an international reddot design award. That same case has been remastered for the iPhone 5, and it’s this one that I recommend for those at the pinnacle of style. It’s all aircraft grade milled aluminium, forming an impenetrable barrier against damage from scratches and knocks while remaining thin and beautiful.


Battery case: Power Jacket 2200 mAh

If you’ve been running out of juice while on the road with the iPhone 5, you’ll be pleased to learn of this case.  It provides an extra 2200 mAh of battery power to the iPhone 5, extending its useful life from a day to many days on the trot. The case is more bulky than the others on this list, but this extra functionality is well worth the cost for many, I feel.

power jacket

iPhone 5 Docks

Desk dock: Sync and Charge Dock

If you’re looking for a simple but well made iPhone 5 docking station then this one has got my vote. It provides an elevated position from which you can keep an eye on incoming notifications, while also providing charge to keep your phone fully powered up. Of course, if you connect the USB cable to a PC then you can sync through this dock too.

charge and sync

Speaker dock: JBL OnBeat Micro

Of course, syncing and charging isn’t the only thing you can do with a dock. This JBL OnBeat Micro is a Lightning-enabled speaker dock for the iPhone 5 that provides room-filling sound. Perfect for parties or just to pass the time while you’re washing up!


iPhone 5 Mods

Alternate colours: AnoStyle

iPhones have always been available in two colors  white and black. Now, that’s changing, with the rise of re-anodising services like AnoStyle. Pay some money and send in your iPhone, and you’ll get it back in your choice of colors with the same high level finish as it comes out of the factory.

Photography: TurtleJacket PentaEye

This clever photography-focused addition to the iPhone 5 is brilliant, as it provides a host of new lenses and abilities to the phone’s already impressive camera. The new lenses exist on a wheel, with five slots – one each for macro, telephoto, wide angle and fish eye and a 37 mm lens mount. There’s also tripod mounting areas to make taking that perfect photo even easier.



So there we have it – seven iPhone 5 accessories and mods for your perusal  I hope you found this iPhone 5 gift guide useful and these suggestions crystalline into something exciting to put under the tree this year. Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what you think of the picks in the comments below. Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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