iPad 3 Will Be Officially Unveiled On March 7th

Apple products are always covered in a cloud of rumour and uncertainty, but it looks like we’ve got the iPad 3 pretty much figured out. The latest information is that Apple will launch the new tablet on the 7th of March, a Wednesday. That would line up with last year’s iPad 2 announcement, which also occurred on the first Wednesday of March.

The new slate is expected to come with an absolutely killer specs sheet, including a 2048×1536 Retina display, a stronger graphics card than the iPad 2, and even a quad-core ARM A6 processor. There’s also been mentions of an upgraded iPhone 4S quality 8 megapixel camera and improved front-facing camera.


The new iPad has also been rumoured to ship with 4G / LTE capabilities in an article on the Wall Street Journal. That could prove a winner for Sprint and Verizon customers in the US, as well as those lucky Europeans that have LTE networks in their regions (I’m looking at you, Germany and Scandinavia).

If the launch date is correct, we’re just three weeks away from knowing the truth.

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