Increase Blog Traffic By Integrating Tweetmeme and [Tutorial]

Twitter and StumbleUpon are one of my main Source of Traffic next to Google. You can Shorten your StumbleUpon Link with The more likes you get in stumble means high visibility in StumbleUpon, which will increase the traffic to your blog. You can now Simply use Short links in Tweetmeme by changing the URL shortener service in Tweetmeme. Here is the simple tutorial.

The Below trick applies to both WordPress and Blogger blogs if you have added tweetmeme buttons using codes.

1.To Get API Key

Login to and goto Settings and copy your API Key API KEY

2. To added API key in Tweetmeme

If u have already installed the Tweetmeme Button

then just add tweetmeme_service =’’; and service_api = ‘Paste your API here’; in tweetmeme script tags.

After adding the codes your Script look Like the Below

<script type=”text/javascript”>

tweetmeme_service = '';
service_api = 'YOUR_API_KEY';
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

This will Add Change the default Shortener to


For WordPress Users who uses Tweetmeme Plugin:

I have tested this with the following plugin:

Now goto Dashboard -> Tweetmeme

Goto Settings for Button Integration -> now in URL Shortner you wont find that drop down menu box(Screen Shot).

To add to the menu you have to add one piece of code in plugin’s PHP File. (Below Tutorial)

Goto your file manager using FileZilla goto the Directory where the plugin is installed

you can check /wp-content/plugins/tweetmeme

now in this Directory you will see 5 files.(twitter.php, tweetmeme.php and 3 others )

1.Download and backup “tweetmeme.php” open tweetmeme.php using notepad++

3.Search and Locate “<select name=”tm_url_shortner”>

4. add the below code just below <select name=”tm_url_shortner”>

<option <?php if (get_option('tm_url_shortner') == '') echo 'selected="selected"'; ?> value=""></option>

5.Save and upload to tweetmeme directory and replace it with tweetmeme.php

The Above mentioned Code will add to tweetmeme -> URL shorther  (You can See Clearly in Screen Shorts)

Now Goto Tweetmeme plugin -> Settings for Button -> URL Shortner Select and give your API key in URL Shortener API.

All Done! now if you are any of your readers Tweet using Tweetmeme Button the Stumble Upon Shortener is used this will drive more traffic to your blog from Twitter and Stumbleupon.

Here is the Screenshot of Tweetmeme with Link.

Tweetmeme with Link



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  1. This is an awesome trick! Maybe I should use TweetMeMe.

  2. very Nice tutor Karthy.. and tweetmeme integration will helps in driving lot of traffic to a blog..
    Engage in any RT club to gain much traffic and RT….

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  3. Hi Karthi, Nice tutorial which helps me lot. Will try to integrate now. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this article.:)

  4. I use Tweetmeme .Thanks for the tutorial :).

  5. Thanks a lot bro, great tutorial. By reading your post, I’ve noticed I missed a few step for integrating Tweetmeme and, but thanks this tutorial I hope to fix it.

  6. Awesome tutorial mate, I have finally integrated it in my blog 😉

  7. TweetMeme and both are important. Nice tutorial! 🙂

  8. would be adding it soon to my blog! thanks!

  9. Cool tutorial bro !
    But is it possible to integrate supr with official twitter button ?
    Becoz , the new twitter button looks more nice than tweetmeme
    Another thing , please share how to insert digg, stumbleupon , digg and twitter buttons in posts 🙂

  10. Nice post KS but I need to ask a question.

    Is it possible to tweet with my own domain name (by using tweetmeme etc.) ?

    Please do reply.

  11. I have been using over a period of time and its one of the best way to drive traffic. But never tried Tweetmeme, Will try it out, thnx a lot bro for sharing 😀

  12. nice tip..just updated my tweetmeme plugin with support..thanks for sharing

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