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As a blogger, you should definitely do your best to make sure that your blog has awesome content. Problem is, if your awesome content is not search engine optimized, chances are, you’re missing out big time. People just can’t find your stuff because it merely invisible in Google and other search engines (yes, the big G is not the only one). What’s more, most SEO issues can be fixed within a few minutes with the help of your WordPress dashboard and the right plugins installed. Problem is, you need waste lots of time till you find a great resource or a person who can explain what exactly you need to do in order to make things right in terms of WordPress SEO.

Wordpress SEO

The good news is that you’ve stumbled upon a post that gives you a chance to win a free account to access a brand new video course on WordPress SEO. Truth is, the video course was designed primarily for rookies. So, if you have no idea what SEO is and what you need to do first, you’ll find the course very edifying because I’ll coach you through all the process of learning about the basics of search engine optimization, what crucial SEO plugins you MUST install and how exactly you can do that for optimal results.

Other than that, you’ll learn about robots.txt, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, XML Sitemap, etc. What’s more, you’ll get to know how to do keyword research so that you optimize your site content for the keywords that can actually bring you traffic. When it comes to content creation and content marketing, you’ll see what you’re supposed to do to by and large improve your site quality in terms of both usability and SEO. Since the Web nowadays is not just just typography, you want to learn how to use and optimize both images and videos as well.

Though the video course is aimed specifically at the people who are new to WordPress SEO, it also has a few videos about pretty advanced search engine optimization aspects. Being advanced in nature, they are still a no-brainer because you can put them to practice just by installing and configuring the right plugins. And again, you see how exactly you should set them up. I’ll walk you through step-by-step. So, you can also learn about such advanced SEO aspects as, .htaccess, and Google authorship integration.

And one more thing, if you have a brick and mortar shop that you’d love to promote online, the course also has a video on best SEO practices when it comes to local SEO. So, you’ll be even able to improve rankings of your local business. By the way, here’s the intro video of the course.

Now that you know about the tons of new stuff that you can learn from the course, you should be dying to learn how to get free access to it, right? Well, you just need to complete simple tasks. Five bloggers will be granted with free access to the $99 value video course on WordPress SEO. Winners will be announced on Nov 27 2013

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Ken is an avid traveller and History lover. He’s currently doing SEO for and in the meantime travelling across Europe. Ken is sure that combining awesome design with wise SEO can literally work wonders.

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    SEO is one of the major required skills of a blogger. Definitly I’d like to win this 🙂

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