The Impact of EMF in Our Lives

EMF or Electromagnetic Frequencies is a physical field generated wherever electricity is used, for example, television, mobile phones, radio, and other electronic equipment. They can be produced in homes, offices, or any other supported place with the help of voltage and magnetic current. EMF has been a sensitive issue as it creates a panic in every mind because of the available misinformation on the web. EMF affects the behavior of the charged objects within a certain range, but a delusion is formed that it affects human health also, which is absolutely wrong. The sole purpose why today we are writing about EMF is to debunk the myths and jargons about Electromagnetic Frequencies and clear the concept of the public.


The wrong impact and myth about EMF

The thought of EMF always produces an alarm in every mind because most people carry the conception that it affects human health. EMF is said to be one of the highly researched potential threats, but unfortunately, there’s no such confirmed evidence against it. Dr. Kenneth R. Foster, from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, has been working in this field for over 45 years and have found nothing wrong or affected by EMF. Many have found health issues at low-exposure levels and health departments expansively reviewed this, but have not found any clear evidence of the problem. It is also voiced that sparrow and bees are affected due to mobile tower radiations, but that too without any evidence. Even Dr. C.K. Chou, a well-known expert in EMF, have come across the information about certain health problems with this effect, but have found no confirmation regarding the same.

Apart from these, EMF delivering wireless allergies and certain health problems like a headache and fatigue has been rumored over the web. This is said because of the wireless communicating devices those emit EMF. This has been a controversial issue over the use of wireless devices, but that too without any valid proof. The fact is that WiFi and mobile phones are a necessity to the world and the number of internet connections has expanded to 300 million over the time.

Radiation has been with us since the beginning of the world and every day a billion particles of natural radiation enter our bodies. Knowingly, Sunshine is the most common form of frequency that gives us light, heat, energy, and hence, worshiped. The sun falls in the range of 250 to 1000 watts per square meter and at such a level we feel so comfortable. On the other hand, the mobile towers which are a few feet above the ground carry thousand times lower exposure.

The fact about EMF

Agneshwar Sen, Advisor (B&CS), TRAI, said that even after strict norms on human health due to electromagnetic emissions, this issue as been extensively studied and researched in detail in a large number of countries. Still, there is no decisive evidence found about the impact of EMF on human health. Again he mentioned that, due to the inadequate number of mobile phone towers, the quality and signal strength is deteriorating. Also, sparrows and bees are affected due to urbanization, and not tower radiations. EMF neither attack adults, nor children and neither animals, hence the number of towers should be expanded due to a quality infrastructure and signal quality.

A study on mobile towers claimed that 300 mobile towers in Himachal Pradesh detected no radiation, and therefore the serious health issues caused by EMF are untrue. Even Airtel blamed the deficiency of mobile towers, alleging people are misled with the effects caused by EMF. The public is certainly affected by call drops and network fluctuation issues due to the lack of the tower, on the other hand, they are misinformed that the expansion of the tower will cause harm to their health. Now what should the public choose? – The development of more wireless connectivity to improve communication, which is an extreme necessity in this era, or prevent developing towers due to the misconception of health issues caused by them. Please note, the latter contains no evidence and whatever is health problems are indicated due to EMF are all just predictions. There is no such study that claims this issue powerfully by screening a proof that radiations are truly affecting human health.

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