Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox

As we know whenever we visit a website it’s data is stored in History and in the Cache. This can be accessed by anyone who uses the same system. This is not safe in cases where the user uses his or her system for financial or any other transactions. So to combat such cases Mozilla has an option called Private Browsing. The advantage of this option that the Data is  not stored in History and in the Cache Memory. Now you are Safe to Access All the Secure websites where we give our personal, financial and preferences. Also it won’t ask for remember password!

To Start Private Browsing

Goto Tools -> Start Private Browsing (Hot Key : Ctrl + Shift + P)


Once u Start Private Browsing, You can See ” Private Browsing ” in Title Bar!


To Stop Private Browsing

Goto Tools -> Stop Private Browsing (Hot Key : Ctrl + Shift + P)

Now is your valuable data protected from prying eyes ?

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  1. Very useful info 🙂 thanks for sharing i will use it.
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  2. Nice post, I never knew this. Very useful for browsing secure sites like ICICI Diredt.
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  3. Very useful tip. I have use this option quite a few times. Thanks for sharing this tip. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. K, I use this most of the time. And it's really a nice feature in Mozilla.

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  5. Thanks for your useful tips.

  6. Truly speaking, I've never used this option. Will try it for sure.
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  7. I use private surfing usually when I'm in a social network or when I maintain my bank ac. Known tips but thanks for sharing.
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  8. I use this feature when it is launched, but now i’m not using it 🙂

  9. i thought firefox doesn’t hhave this feature. now a days this feature is a must in a browser

  10. thanks for info. going to use it. ……..

  11. Nice Info. I thought this feature is only in Chrome (Cognitio Mode). I am a regular firefox user, i only firefox. Thats the best.

  12. it is great feature and IE, Chrome too have this feature, but even though it will be private,, ISP will know the sites we browsing

  13. it is really a gud tip…but it not tht private…that is appears….

    happy blogging 🙂

    hav a gud time my friend……..

  14. Nice info out there….

    very helpful…..

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