How To Organize And Manage Multiple Projects On iOS And Android

Project management is a small but healthy niche that caters to the multi taskers and control-freaks like us. And how do you exactly do that ? Well, there’s an app for that !

TeamWork project manager – A Online project management software.

So, what is TeamWork Project manager ? Simple, it’s an Online Project management software that helps you get organized and take control of your current projects, task lists, milestones, files, notebooks, resources and time.

It was basically developed as a web application but now it is available for free in the Apple’s App store as well as the Android Market. The Android version was recently released after much demand.

It’s very easy to use. You can manage multiple accounts, you have a great looking dashboard with all at-a-glance info. Online Project Management Software

The best part about it is the drop box integration ! When you link a Dropbox account with Teamwork you can reference your Dropbox files through Teamwork so they appear within the files tab of your projects. The files reside on Dropbox so when you change a file on your computer, the very latest version is available in Teamwork. This will also give you the ability to reference the same file across all your projects easily without having to upload the files separately into each project.

Nice, right ?

Key features –

1. Assign tasks

2. Project milestones

3. Project view

4. Time tracking

And finally a new much awaited feature :

5. Recurring tasks – Arrange weekly backups or make sure annual invoices are not missed, It’s present in the repeats tab under the more link of Add task window.

Above all, in case you face any problems, you have got great customer support too, they are on twitter to provide you the immediate solution you seek. Some interesting facts –

  • TeamworkPM has a developer API which allows 3rd party developers to build application and hooks around TeamworkPM more can be found out at our developer page
  • TeamworkPM has a free iPhone app available for download in the App store
  • TeamworkPM is a product of Digital Crew Ltd, which is based in Cork Ireland.
  • Every day tens of thousands of users login and use TeamworkPM to manage their projects all around the world.

So, what are you waiting for ? Download the free app from App store or the Android Market, and manage your projects on-the-go !

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