How To Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets

Twitter is on of the most popular micro blogging social sharing site. Twitter has over 200+ million active users. News on Twitter travels faster than any other social network. We can share a message upto 140 characters on twitter. Twitter is mostly accessed from mobile than the web.

User location can be shared with every tweet, if user agreed to share his/her location. Location sharing on public networks is not advisable. If you have enabled location sharing on twitter you can disable that  and you can even delete the location from old tweets.

Here is the simple step to delete all location information from old tweets

1. Goto Settings – Account

2. There is an option “Add location to my Tweets”

Check/uncheck the box to enable or disable location sharing.

There a also an option “Delete all location information”, click on that to delete location information from all old tweets.

Delete Location From Tweets


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