How To Backup Your Gmail In Linux

I’m sure that you know of many ways to create a backup for your Gmail account in case you are using the Windows operating system, as there are many online tools that are present for this purpose. if you are wondering about, how to back-up your Gmail in Linux? Then, here is what you need to do get the backup in the Linux platform.

Gmail Backup for Linux

The online tool Gmail backup that is so popular for Windows is also compatible with the Linux platform in the form of Get Mail. As Linux is a command based operating system, the tool for creating a backup of your Gmail account also needs to be command based, and that is what Get Mail, precisely is. You might be aware of Escrow software, that help you, while doing Source Code Verification and it is important to make use of those kinds of software in order to improve the business, as the security threat is increasing day by day.

Get mail uses IMAP to connect to you Gmail account. Thus, it is imperative that the IMAP settings have been enabled in your Gmail setting. Following are the steps for creating a backup of the Gmail account using Get Mail.


You first need to install Get Mail to the Ubuntu platform. The following command line needs to be typed.

sudo apt-get install getmail4

After you have typed this, you now need to make a configuration directory .getmail within your home directory. Following is the command for the same.

mkdir ~/.getmail

You now need to create a config file inside this directory that you just made.

cd .getmail

nano gmailimap.getmail

Once you have created the config file you need to save it and close it.

Before doing that the following command needs to be typed out.

touch ~/.getmail/gmail-backup.mbox

Now you are all set to use Get Mail, so can run the same on your system and the procedure may take some time, the time that it takes depends on the number of mails that you have in your account and what all needs to be saved. The minimum time is half an hour.

Get Mail also gives you the option of creating a backup of your sent mail in a different file altogether and thus if you want to do so, you need to type in the following commands in your Linux based system.


type = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever


username = [email protected]

password = yourgmailpassword

mailboxes = (“[Gmail]/Sent Mail”,)


type = Mboxrd

path = ~/.getmail/gmail-backup-sent.mbox


verbose = 2

message_log = ~/.getmail/gmail.log

If you do not want any such segregation in the mails and want them in one big file, all you need to do is get the “All Mail” folder from your Gmail account and then create a backup for the same. Here is the command for this.

mailboxes = (“[Gmail]/All Mail”,)

This is how to backup your Gmail in Linux. The method is simple and not very time consuming either. You need to try it out in case you are using the Linux platform.

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