Have You Been Accused of Phubbing?

Phubbing is the act of snubbing the one you are with in favour of your phone. This issue has become such a problem that it is now up there with money issues, and problems with the kids for relationship breakups.  You only have to look about a restaurant as an example to see how much phubbing is going on, and I sometimes wonder if a few of the couples I see locked to their mobiles even speak to each other throughout their meal.

When you consider how far the mobile phone has advanced in the last ten years or so together with the massive advancement in technology, and a faster, more reliable internet connection it really is no wonder that we are in love with our smartphones.

No other mobile device is so portable, and carries out so many of our day to day tasks simply and quickly. Most of us complete our banking, browse, shop and pay for goods and services via our mobile phones, and many of us source our entertainment using our mobiles too.

Sites like Roulette.org.uk provide many players with just what they are looking for. Many online casino games have transferred over to the smaller screens perfectly enabling enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite games whenever and wherever they choose. The gambling industry has always been in the forefront when it comes to innovative ideas and developing new technology, and the opportunity that mobile advancement offered was soon taken advantage of, now we can enjoy dedicated online casino sites with the majority offering a mobile option.

In order to make enjoying a bet or wager via your mobile hassle free you can also pay for your games using your existing banking methods and log in using your existing password. Many sites also offer their players the opportunity to pay using their mobile phone bill.  This means that games can be billed to your monthly contract or deducted from your pay as you go balance.

When the first iPhone was released almost ten years ago, Steve Jobs said that it would change the way we communicated forever. How right was that statement! Apart from phubbing which is unfortunately going to happen with something that is so addictive, the smartphone has been incorporated into our lives to such an extent that is now one of the most important fashion features with cases costing as much a several phones.  Some of the cases are so expensive that you would be wise to buy a case to protect the case!

Now we are looking forward to the launch of the new iPhone later this year and excitement is growing, especially as it is that ten year mark with many people expecting something pretty special. One thing is for sure we are not going to let go of our phones easily!.

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