Have Fun With Skype Hidden Emotions

Skype is my Favorite Messenger, only reason for this is the quality of voice and video calls in both PC and Mobile. When Compared to Google talk and Yahoo, Skype has quite lot of Emotions to share the user moods. I recently came to know about hidden Emotions for Skype. SkypeFun.net provides the hidden Emotions for Skype, Yahoo and Live Messengers.
Skype Hidden Emotions

Apart from Hidden Emotions this site also provides Emotions Art for Skype, These Emotions Art are Categorized into Fun, Love, Funny Flags and Country Flags with Heart.

Skype Emotion Art - INDIA FLAG WITH HEARTSkype Hidden Emotions - LOLSkype Hidden Emotions - COOL

Note : Adjust the Width of the Skype Chat Window to See the Proper Emotions Art.

For Hidden Emotions Arts Check : Skypefun.net

I am sure that if you are a Skype User, you are going to love this Hidden Emotions and Emotions Art. Do subscribe to the Feed, so that you won’t miss any of the valuable updates  in future.

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  1. Very useful post Karthikeyan! I did not knew these Emotions. Very cool. Thanks for sharing

  2. It is very useful emoticon collections for skype users,Thanking you for the wonderful post…

  3. Cool emoticons 🙂 i never knew them.

  4. haha cool emotion art 😀

  5. Right now I am using Gtalk,I will give it a try.

  6. i rarely use Skype. More prefer Yahoo Messenger =)

  7. I am a regular user of Skype and I love this. Thanks for sharing mate.

  8. wow man , i didnt know HIDDEN smileys !
    Very cute and fabulous , will check em out 😀
    Thanks for sharing !

  9. I just started using skype just recently. I agree that the voice quality and video are great but it’s not that users friendly 🙂

  10. I never knew this.. cool stuffs 🙂

    – Robin

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