Handling And Copying DVDs With Ease – DVD Copy Review

Digital Versatile Discs, popularly known as DVDs were one among the very successful portable media formats that emerged alongside similar alternatives. The reach and success of DVDs along with their utilization across multiple platforms to store media, content and entertainment has made them very successful.

In situations where the handling of data from these discs comes into the picture, the most common step people look forward to is copying the contents of the DVD onto their local computer’s storage area or creating a copy of it. This can be done for various reasons, right from having a copy of the DVD as a backup to copying the data off a friend’s disc before returning it to him.

DVD Copy

With the copying of a disc coming in so handy for reasons like mentioned above, DVD Handling softwares come into use. A popular DVD Content Handling tool is DVDFab DVD Copy, a all-in-one utility software that does multiple operations on these lines. Right from copying a DVD onto another to removing region/copy protection and copying a DVD directly onto the hard disk, the capabilities of this DVD Copy Software are numerous. Moreover, it comes along with a nice set of features that come in very useful while copying video DVDs, such as the ability to skip Menus and copy only the main movie, splitting and merging video etc.

Functioning as a neat DVD cloner, it copies across both DVD Formats, that is in between normal DVDs(also called as DVD-5), 4.7GB in capacity and Dual Layer DVDs(also called as DVD-9), 8.5GB in capacity. If it all the user wants to copy a DVD and doesn’t have an empty DVD available right away, he/she can also copy the DVD to their hard disk using the DVD Copy tool. There are also options to clone in 1:1 Ratio or compress the video in order to accommodate more content, as per the user.

One of the most popular content that uses DVDs are for videos and movies. DVD Copy has a separate set of tools to handle video DVDs and make changes while copying them. The user could cut out a few portions or chapters if he doesn’t like it, merge two videos or even remove the menus and subtitles with the ease of one click if he doesn’t want them in his cloned DVD. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

On the whole, DVDFab’s DVD Copy is a great tool and its performance is quick and nifty. With a clean User Interface that focuses on Intractability and Quick Task Handling, it’s easy to use and handle the tasks that are needed. If you’re looking for an overall DVD Content Handling tool to copy and store contents to and from DVDs, DVD Copy is a must try.

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