Google Maps Updated With Live London Underground Info

The Olympics will soon be in London, and in order to help the millions who will descend upon the city Google have added a new feature to their Maps: live London Underground information, including train times, alerts and planned engineering closures.

To view the information, just tap or click on the Underground icon near your favourite train station. You’ll be taken to a page with all of the relevant information. On Android, this is the train times, a list of lines serving the station and other stations nearby. On this particular station, there weren’t any planned engineering works or alerts, but these would show up here too.

On the web, the feature is a little bit easier to manage thanks to the larger dimensions of your display, but it functions precisely the same way – train times, lines serving the station and stations nearby, all neatly justified and colour coded.

The new feature, which is available now both on Google Maps on the web (whether the mobile or full version) and Google Maps for Android, should really help out tourists visiting for the games as well as Londoners themselves. If you’re on iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, you’ll have to make do with the mobile web version for the moment.

With all of Google’s offerings, including public transport directions across the capital, we should be well prepared for the beginning of the Olympic games. Hurrah.

For more details, check out the Lat Long Blog post that Google have made.

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