Google Introduces Android Market Web Store With Awesome Features

At Honeycomb announcement, Google introduced the new platform for its Android market. Now Google Android market is available for the web browser. This comes with many cool features. To access the android market web store simply type and hit enter. Login with your android market username ID which syncs the apps in the market with your android devices. This android market for browser supports OTA Installation, which means select your favorite app and install it from the browser, it gets downloaded in the device.

Android Market For Browser

The categories are shown in the left panel, the apps are shown in Featured, top paid and top free apps. This helps the user to easily browse his/her favorite applications. All the details about he app is shown in the app individual page.

Categories - Android Market

Select your Fav apps and click install. It asks for the device, select the device in which you want to install the app (This helps if you many android devices where you wanna install the app in particular device, you don’t have to manually enter the device, it automatically gets sync if you use same market ID for your android devices), Once the device is selected, the app is automatically downloaded to your android device.

Android Market - Install Apps

Android Market Installed App

This is a good move by Android, now no need of browsing through the apps in a small screen. I find this is very easy for me.

Are you android user? Do you like the new move by google? So share your views

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