Google to Launch Cloud Storage Service

Google will launch Cloud Storage Service very soon which will let you to Store and Share documents, music, movies and files. This service will work similar to Dropbox and google name it as Drive. Google has very recently launched Google Chrome web browser for ICS Android devices, and this upcoming upload service is kind of interesting as it is getting launched after Megaupload Shutdown.

Google Drive

As you know, maximum file uploading services are now standing in the row to fight against piracy and Forums that promote Pirate software, templates, ripped and bluray movies have understood that they must follow their Piracy guide first and strict.

Because of that, file uploaders and users are now focusing towards Torrents. So when Google launch a storage service, there are chances where users may store their software, movies, music and use it for further distributing it through forums and other medium. It is really a challenging task for Storage services to monitor and remove the file every time.

Google Drive for PC and Mobile

Similar to Dropbox, Google Drive will have its own application to connect you to the cloud storage from your PC, Mac and Mobile. This without doubt a great service for Android mobile and Android Tablet owners, as they can store their media files directly to their Free Google Drive Cloud storage account.

Compared to its competitors, Dropbox and others, we can expect the best price to expand our cloud storage if we need more space to store our files. We can expect an official announcement from Google in few weeks about Drive and its Plans and Pricing.

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