Go Green – Recycle Your Mobile And Get Cash

When it comes to mobile, you can always see some new developments in both hardware and software. If a brand new phone is launched with latest and smart hardware and software options, you will surly go for it. In this case your old mobile will be moved to your shelves. why doing that? you can get cash for mobile phone and recycle it to save the planet. Recycling is good habit it helps to increase the life of our planet and our future generation.

Even Google went green you can check the post Google’s Green Side [InfoGraphic] for more info. The toxic waste must be avoided. The recycling of the phone helps to avoid the raw material required for the creation of new phone. So instead of keeping the mobile phone in shelves you can sell your mobile phone for cash.

Cash for Mobile

There are lots of online sites to they pay cash for mobile phones. Cash for Mobile is one such site that helps you to make good money from your old mobiles. Signing up with cashformobile  is easy simply you have to register with you information, select and search the model you want to recycle and choose the condition of the phone that it is in working condition or not and click sell. Then wait for the envelope to arrive to the address given. Once you get the envelope pack your mobile phone and send them to get cash. Once they get the product you will be paid.

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