Gadgets To Look Forward To At This Year’s IFA Show

If you’re involved with the electronics industry, perhaps your company has paid you and other representatives to go to Berlin this coming weekend and following week for what is known as the biggest trade show in the world: IFA. The conference starts on August 31st and goes to September 5th, and will introduce some new gadgets from the major players of the gadget industry.

Some CEOs and others have already announced and given a sneak-peek into some of the new gadgets expected to be released during the rest of the year and into 2013. Here are some of those gadgets that you can expect to learn more about as time goes by.

1.Sony’s Xperia Series

Sony is really packing one big punch at the conference this year by releasing a serious a phones and a new tablet to put out into the market for the end of the year. The package is known as the Xperia Series, with each device identified with just one letter. The tablet, Xperia S, will come backed up with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but along with the phones, there should be an option to upgrade to Jelly Bean.

Also with Xperia S, you can expect a 1280X800 resolution with a 9.4 inch display. Also in there will be 1.3GHz Tegra 3 Processor (seems to be the hot feature on several gadgets this year), plus an option for 16, 32 and 64GB of space.

The phones, which in order of quality line go from T, V and J will also have Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Each phone has its own properties, with the T having some of the most advanced package of all, including 802.11 Wi-Fi connection, plus 13 megapixel camera. V will feature 8GB of on-board space (T has 16GB – but both will feature SD Micro Card slots). Honestly, J doesn’t really have anything significant on it, and Sony isn’t afraid to say is the bottom-line phone.

2.Samsung’s Unpacked Event

Samsung may be having their problems with Apple, especially losing the famed infringement case to Apple late last week, but that clearly has not stopped the Korean company to carry on with their plans to release an entire series of Windows 8-backed devices.

Probably the most notable are the first Windows 8 phones to be available on the market. Windows 8 is expected to be available to public on October 26th. Also in the package which has plenty of people talking is the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone with Android backing it up.

Samsung is also coming out with a Windows 8 ATIV (weird name) tablet. The pictures have revealed the basic interface that most can expect from Windows 8, probably in all screens for any gadgets to start with.

3.Acer Liquid Gallant Solo

Yes, Acer is still around. This year at IFA they’ll be unleashing the Liquid Gallant Solo, a basic looking phone with basic general properties. However, one of the features that’ll make the solo stick out a little bit more is the Android ICS OS, which according to Gizbot will provide an improved “smoother” interface. Not as familiar with ICS considering all of the talk with the Jelly Bean upgrade, but if ICS is as successful as it potentially can be, then maybe Acer will have the chance to garner some attention again.

It doesn’t end here with IFA, as this brief list is just a snapshot of what is going to be happening. Other companies like LG also have some material in the works. It all seems to be a lot of Android and Windows 8-centric material going on. The attention has not totally waned to Apple with their win. Android especially still has a lot to show with all of the gadgets, and with NASA even using their phones for potential digital dish satellite purposes, the fight will continue.

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