Free Skype Credit Voucher, Enjoy Over 400 Mins of International Calls

Skype is one of the best VoIP service. Skype was purchased by Microsoft. Skype has both free and premium features. As a free Skype user you can send instant message, make voice and video calls to other Skype user. You can also make group voice calls with free Skype.

With Skype you can also make international calls to phones and landlines. All you need is Skype credit to enjoy phone calls. Skype also has online number feature, if you are a frequent traveler you can utilize this feature. It will definitely save you some money from your bank account.

Skype premium has lots of features. With Premium Skype you can make group video calls and group screen sharing, which is better for video conferencing, you can also make unlimited calls to a country you choose.You can also select the plans for Voice calling to mobile and landlines of any country. There are lots of plans listed on Skype. Skype Premium is ad free.

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Free Skype Credit Voucher

What is Skype Credit?

I already discussed about some of the paid features, to enjoy this, you have to add some money to your skype account. The money in your Skype account is called as Skype Credit. With this Skype credit you can call mobile and landlines worldwide at low rates, access Wi-Fi Hotspots Send SMS or you can forward calls to your mobile or Landline, you can also purchase Skype online number.

You can add Skype credit using Online via any web browser or directly in Skype or using free Skype credit voucher or gift cards.

How to Get Free Skype Credit Voucher?

If you are an iOS or Android user there is a little trick to redeem free Skype credit voucher.


Follow this link ( on your iOS or Android Mobile or Tablets. Authorize the Certificate in case of iOS and install the app from Google play store (Android users).

iOS Users

  • Once the page is open. Tap on free apps to install the profile, this helps to track your activities.
  • Start download the sponsor apps. Once you downloaded the apps. Run it for 30+ seconds on your device. Close or delete the app (your wish).
  • Go back to safari browser and hit refresh to see the points you got. Each apps will give you some credits.

Android Users

  • Once the installation is over just launch the app
  • You will be asked for Facebook login to very that you are a real human.
  • Verify and install.
  • Once you logged in you will find some sponsored apps where you can see credits in the right hand side. The credits value varies.
  • Download the sponsored app on your device and run it for 30 seconds.
  • Now the credits will be added to your account.

Now once you have enough credits, Redeem the free Skype Credit Voucher under gifts and apply it to your Skype account. All you need is 3000 credits to redeem $10 free Skype Credit Voucher.


With this free Skype Credits you can enjoy lots of Skype Premium features.

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