Flickr Revamped, Adds 1 TB free Storage for Everyone

Yesterday, Yahoo acquired Tumblr, one of the most popular blogging platform for 1.1 billion USD. Flickr is Yahoo’s photo hosting service. Millions of photos are uploaded by the users to their Flickr account. Now a days users upload from their smartphones. According to the stats iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are the most popular mobile camera on Flickr.

Flickr - 1 Terabyte

Flicker released its new design which is gorgeous and stunning. Yahoo also surprised their users by increasing the storage capacity upto 1 terabyte to host the photos on Flickr. Now we can uploads lots of stunning high quality photos. Well, Flickr is now served with ads. We can remove the ads under upgrade options. Ad free flicker upgrade is priced at $50 per year and double storage is priced at $500 per year.

Flickr Storage

At Flickr, we believe you should share all your images in full resolution, so life’s moments can be relived in their original quality. No limited pixels, no cramped formats, no memories that fall flat. We’re giving your photos room to breathe, and you the space to upload a dizzying number of photos and videos, for free. Just how big is a terabyte? Well, you could take a photo every hour for forty years without filling one.

And yep, you heard us. It’s free.

1 terabyte is more than enough to host over 5 million high quality photos. Flickr also revamped their iOS and Android applications.

Flickr - Upgrade Options - Ad free

Via Flickr Blog

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