Finding The Best Host For Your Blog

In recent days blogging becomes profession and passion to many, everyday we also see increase in new blogs . In order to start a blog we need a platform, there are lots of blogging platform which reduces your work, some of the popular blogging platforms are blogger, WordPress, tumblr and so on.

In blogger you just have to add a custom domain if you have one or else you can use the free sub domain provided by them. In WordPress there are two different platforms one is where the sub domain is provided and the other one is self hosted WordPress blog, self hosted blog has more advantage when compared to others. You will have the full control of your blog. you can do what ever you want with your blogs. All you is a domain name and good web hosting to start a self hosted blogs. The one main problem is how to choose best web host.

There are different types of web hosting servers like shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated so on. These are some of the popular servers which almost provided by all top web hosting companies. For the startup blogs shared hosting is more than enough. You can also cut the expense in the start using the shared hosting. There are many companies which provide unlimited hosting to the customers.

In case of VPS you will get a virtual private server and you will have the resource of one physical computer. In VPS you can also select the size of the disk space you required and so as the system resource. This VPS is best for the Medium trafic blogs. The other popular server is dedicated server hosting. In dedicated server hosting you will get the resource of one physical computer which is obviously powerful than all other server types.

Never go for free web hosting, nothing comes free atleast go for cheap host for your valuable blog. To find the top web hosting company you can make use of, where you can make a detailed search to choose good web hosting company based on your interest. allows you to search hosting providers based on the reviews, their rankings, price and the types of hosting servers they offer.

Are you  WordPress user? What type of server you use for your blog? Do share your views!

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