Send And Receive Facebook Chat Stickers From Desktop Using Chrome Web Browser

When we have a conversation on Facebook we won’t simply send text. We use emoticons or emoji’s to make the conversation more interesting. Emoticons are used by everyone. Facebook recently introduced Facebook chat stickers. There are nothing but big huge emoticons. These Facebook stickers are really funny and cute. At present, these Facebook chat stickers are sent and received only through Android or iOS Facebook Messenger or applications.

Now you can easily send Facebook Chat Stickers using your chrome web browser on your PC or Mac. Facemoji is a chrome extension that allows us to send and receive Facebook Chat Stickers from your desktop using chrome web browser. Installing and making Facemoji work is simple and easy.

Facebook Chat Stickers - PC - Mac - Desktop - Chrome

How to use Facemoji to send and receive Facebook Char Stickers from Desktop using Chrome web browser ?

1. Open Chrome web browser on your Mac Or PC

2. Head to chrome web store and search Facemoji or Click here to download Facemoji for chrome

3. Add the Extension to chrome to enjoy Facebook chat stickers emoticons on your PC or Mac

4. Login and head to Facebook Messages, you will see a heart icon below the smiley face in the text box.

5. Select any Facebook chat sticker emoticons and have fun.

Note : If you can’t see the heart icon please refresh the browser to make it work.

Now I think it is simple to send those big emoticons from your PC or Mac using Chrome and Facemoji extension for chrome. I tested out some emoticons its really fun to send from my PC using chrome. There are over 250+ Cute Facebook chat stickers to have fun with your friends.

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