Evolution of personal computing – Post PC or PC Plus?

Apple, when launching the first generation iPad, has proudly proclaimed that it was the first “Post PC” device, and the PC industry as is, is dying with ever reducing profits and market share. And then comes Microsoft with its own version of the tablet vision and declares that the PC is not dead, but is evolving into a different form factor, and names it “PC plus”. So what’s the deal with the personal computers these days, how has it changed?

In my opinion, both Apple and Microsoft have acknowledged that the old form factor is passe these days, but they tend to explain it differently. Apple, mainly Steve Jobs, famously proclaimed the widely used term “Post PC”. It was spinned off by the media as if he proclaimed the PC industry is dead, like we lived in a apocalyptic PC world. Far from it.But he did say that consumers are moving to a different type of a personal computing device, like the smartphone, and now the tablet.

Microsoft, on the other hand, the major supporter of the “PC” brand has dismissed Jobs’ statements and said that the PC is just evolving into a different form factor, like the tablet. See how similar both statements are?

But you must know that the vision of how a tablet should work is fundamentally different from the viewpoints of Apple and Microsoft. Apple thinks tablets are not general purpose independent computers, they are made for specialized needs, and they are easy to work with. However, Bill Gates’ vision of the tablet is being realized by Microsoft with the Surface, a general purpose computer that can act independent, do stuff without being connected to its big brother, the PC, because it already is one.

This fundamental difference in vision has led to a lot of debate and arguments over the past year. However I just want to put it here that, both the companies have acknowledged that the landscape is changing, but their visions are different, and only time can tell whether which of their visions will be a success or maybe both the visions can harmoniously co exist.

But to be completely honest, I want to put an end to all these arguments by saying “It’s too soon.”
It will take some more time for the Post PC or the PC plus world to gain momentum and reach consumers the way the PC has reached. We can just wait and watch.

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