Epson L4160 Ink Tank Printer – Review

Epson is famous for its ink tank printers. In this article, we will talk about one of the well-integrated ink tank known as Epson L4160 printer. Epson L4160 comes with an LCD screen along with print, copy and scan options and few buttons in it. One of the important features about this printer is that it also supports SD card slot and by using that, we can easily insert an SD card and print photos directly from the printer without depending on the computer.


This printer comprises four separate ink bottles like Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colors in it. This printer comes includes accessories like a user manual, USB cable for connecting with PC, power cable of the printer and a warranty card. The difference between ink tank printers and the integrated tank printer is, physically Epson ink tank printers comes with separate ink tanks attached to the printer.

Whereas integrated ink Tank Printer, specifically Epson L4160 does not have the separate tank outside the printer and the tank is integrated into the printer which gives a compact look and does not take up much space and you can move easily around.

Performance Review of the Epson L4160 Printer:

Alongside the design and out of the box accessories, the main thing we need to talk about the Epson L4160 integrated ink tank printer is the performance. For most of the users, the design is not an issue and the main thing that makes the printer a good option for buying is its performance.


The Epson L4160 printer can scan 1200×2400 DPI and can copy various scanned items for future printing. Just like any other printers available in the market you can also easily print out any images and documents which gets the command from the computer for printing.

Another positive point to look for in the Epson L4160 integrated ink tank printer is that it comes with multiple connectivity options with which you can connect several devices with the printer for printing your documents or images. The Epson L4160 integrated ink tank printer can have USB port and can be connected using the Wi-Fi to connect with host computers.

We connected the printer to our Wi-Fi networks so we can print from any device on my network.

Connecting via Wi-Fi Direct option is also available for printer Epson L4160 using no internet connection or a router. Apart from this, the Epson L4160 integrated tank printer is power efficient, and it consumes up to 3 watts on standby and up to 45 watts during print or scan.

One Major thing I am impressed with this printer is its self-head cleaning system. I noticed initially that that quality of the photos I print was not up to the mark. Once I found maintenance mode and did self-cleaning the quality of the prints jumped to high and it fixed the problem.

One of the major points about this printer is that it supports Duplex Printing (both side printing) and a single side printing, and borderless printing. With this wide range of printing option, this Epson L4160 is a perfect solution for Home and SOHO (Small Office / Home office) users

One of the main concern about the printer users is that, the cost of the ink and performance in the long run of the printer. We can definitely assure you, it is cost effective for the long run and the ink bottle of the original Epson inks cost around approximately around 500 INR.

Although this approximate price is the cost of black ink bottle and the color bottle price may vary depending on the region and availability.

If you will measure the cost for printing per page by using the Epson L4160 integrating ink tank printer, then it will cost around 12 paise (Approx) for printing black and white copies and 20 paise (Approx) for printing color copies.

As per the ink holding capacity of the Epson L4160 integrated ink tank printer, a single black bottle can give you around 7000 (Depends on User Settings) prints alone. In case you are using color printing which includes all the rest of the three colors available in the printer it will give you around 6000 prints (Depends on User Settings).

The quality of the print is definitely better than most of the printers available in this price range. The Colors are vivid and vibrant on good quality photo paper. Borderless color printing consumes times for the print job and it’s worth for the output you get.

Reason to buy the Epson L4160 Integrated Ink Tank Printer:

Before you buy any ink tank printers, you need to keep in mind that this category of printers is not available at cheap prices. But this integrated ink tank printer is one of the best cost efficient for having in either home or office with low printing cost.

Ink tank printers have the advantage of less ink drying which is a great advantage in case the printer is not being used for weeks or even months and the ink will remain in a liquid state without drying up.

Although most of the home and offices are having ink-jet printers which have an ink drying problem which can be solved by replacing it with the ink tank printers. In the market, there are several ranges and models of Epson ink tank printers available. But if you want to buy the Epson L4160 integrated ink tank printer and the price comes around ₹17000 INR.

Final Words:

Based on our experience with Epson L4160 it’s fantastic for the Home user segment and Small office segment. The prints are good, connectivity simple, cost of the ink is lower which won’t burn a huge chunk of money. Specialized nozzle with ink bottles make it easy and spill-free refilling.

You need not to buy all colors at the same time to replace or refill the ink. Just walk into the store and get the one low on ink or order online and done. Overall the performance of this printer is great and we highly recommend it.

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