Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

I prefer Apple Earpods or A-Jays four to listen to my favourite music. With headphone we can enjoy ourselves but if we want to share the music with group it is not possible with headphones and the inbuilt speaker of the phone is not that loud. In the past I covered about few Bluetooth speakers. But still new speakers never leave my mind and I always want to try them.

Recently I bought Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker. This little speaker just looks like a big egg with hook.

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First let’s go through the packaging. The bluetune bean speaker comes in a sealed plastic box which protects the actual device during shipping and storage. Once I open the box I can access the speaker itself there is no second layer protection and the speaker sits on a plastic mold.

There is a small black paper box. Back of the box has the description about the speakers and other features. Inside the box it has user guide, micro USB cable for charging the device a small loop hook.

Second, the Bluetooth speakers looks like a big egg. The speaker is made of plastic and protected by silicon rubber case which adds further protection to the speaker itself. The top of the speaker has a metal hook. I can attach the removable hook and attach it to my bag or key chain or any place I like.

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The front of the speaker has round mesh to deliver the sound from the driver. The bottom of the speaker is slightly flat to place the speaker on flay surface. The bottom of the speaker has the micro USB charging port to charge the device itself. This charging port is protected by rubberized flap. The right side of the speaker has no controls. The left side of the speaker has on/off switch to power on and off the device and a call button to reject or accept the calls. A LED indicator is placed placed between these two buttons which shows the status of the device when it is powered on. These buttons are large so I can easily access the buttons without actually looking at the device. The back of the Bluetooth speaker is flat to keep the device on table or something.

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The sound and listening experience is good. The output sound of the speaker is high but not too loud to maintain the sound quality. I connected this speaker to my iPad Air. I can check the battery level of the speaker on my iPad screen but there is not indicator on the device. This feature may work with other devices too but not sure. There is no physical volume control or track change control on device. I have to adjust volume and change tracks on my phone itself, which is manageable.

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This Bluetooth speaker comes with inbuilt rechargeable battery which can wirelessly stream music upto 6 hours. Like I said before this Bluetooth speaker can be used as speakerphone. The call quality is good but not that good in different conditions.

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From my experience this Bluetooth speaker is good for small group. I tried different genre and different applications. If I use high volume the sound is slightly distorted. For the price point this speaker is absolutely value for money. I must say that this bluetooth speaker is one of the best iPad Air accessories.  This is small and portable. I also suggest this Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker to guys who are interested in camping and trekking.

Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker - Technical Details

  • 6W 50mm micro driver
  • Frequency range: 100 – 20000 Hz
  • Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Bluetotohj playback time: 6 hours
  • Stand by time 6 hours
  • Supported profile A2DP stereo.


  • Small and portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Varity of colour combinations and metal loop
  • Clear voice and music quality


  • No volume controls
  • No playback controls
  • Little weight.

Divoom bluetune bean bluetooth speaker is available for £17.99 at gearzap.com

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