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Every blogger has a dream to achieve it one day. And it all begins with a start. Once you have the start, everything then goes on smoothly as long as you have the desire to keep it going. The initial blogging phase becomes very vital as here you are likely to be tested here for your blogging skills. You need to be thinking hard and working out the strategies to make sure you do not lag behind others in this area. It is very common to see bloggers putting in a lot of effort in the early phase but as the time progresses, this blogging thing becomes much more challenging. The enthusiasm level goes down like anything as one finds devoid of the resources. This is very natural. It does happen with most of the bloggers and the reason for the same is very simple – You are missing readers or say visitors on your blog. Your blog is short of quality content. You are finding it very difficult to to get resources for the same. Must remember one thing – Your current blogging resources are likely to go dry one day. What you will you do then??

Hmm…well, as I said is very natural. There is absolutely no need to panic. A very simple solution to the problem is – Look for the new resources !! Yes, you cannot keep yourself waiting for others to come and advice you on what needs to be done. You need to be quick and thinking all the times. Just to help your more with this, I have some of these very simple tips for you to follow. These tips are meant to boost your blogging skills by adding energy to your blog entries plus these are sure shot medium to get yourselves recharged again incase you are finding hard to regain enthusiasm, which shows mostly when you are new to this blogging thing.


The 3 very simple tips to make your blogging work hassle free are as follows :

Dwell upon your previous posts – Very often it has been seen that most bloggers forget to expand upon the previous posts, i.e; at times..there are certain areas in your blogging which is left untouched. This happens mostly with the entries which you post and as the time passes by, the post grows old and finally gets unnoticed. You can work out on those old posts to see if you have ‘touched’ upon a subject without fully explaining all the details. By doing this, you can base an entire post on just one of these sub-topics themselves.

Make use of the post comments – How many of you do this? Let me tell you, ultimately you are writing for your readers. What if you keep on writing anything and people do not find time to visit and leave their comments ?? For me comments are great motivators. The more comments you receive on your posts, better will be the loyalty rate. With that said, never ever let any comment get unnoticed. You never know but comments can be highly resourceful at times. Most of the times, these comments can get you some ideas or even requests that can give you new direction. It is more likely that when you get huge number of comments on your blogs, you do get a bunch of ideas too for your blog entries. Also, people may even request you to let them do a guest blog on your blog. And if you allow them to do so then it is highly likely that he or she will be motivated to deliver a quality content on your blog as in turn, it will let a good amount of traffic on his/her site too. Thus enabling others to write on your blog becomes mutual benefiting. You do get quality content in the end..and that is what every blogger desires for his/her readers.

Have a new unique delivery style – This is yet another very important area of improvisation. Very recently, I had written a post on my blog explaining the importance of style blogging. The same thing will be repeated here. What I want to say is very simple. Add a style to your blogging. Just cannot keep writing anything and everything. You must remember that usually it is a style that is comfortable and best suited to their personality. When you have a different approach or stance on your blog topics, you as well as your readers can find it more fun and moreover, it is likely to fetch you additional ideas on how to use this newly adopted style. When you adopt a unique style to your blogging, you can easily add freshness to your site as well as your outlook.

So, here we have been through 3 very simple creative tips to be followed by the bloggers. These tips are must to be followed if you have any desire to keep your blog posting fresh and interesting. It is very natural to run out of ideas but yet by following these simple tips you can still continue to supply the blog reader with the quality content they desire. Learning to tap the new resources will make sure that your blog entries never get diminished in quality or usefulness.

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  1. Thanks Bro For Writing For my Blog ! And Thanks for the 3 Golden Tips you Shared! 🙂

  2. Wow, you are making a guest post here bro! Congrats…great article 😀

  3. You are welcome…Karthik. I feel sorry for taking so much time to write a guest post for you. Better late than never. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write for your blog. I really enjoyed writing this one for you. Hope it helps you and everyone 🙂

  4. Good to see you here Aswani 🙂 you have given some nice tips . Your post comments do give at times creative ideas.

    It is very natural to run short of ideas. You can also get ideas by the various promotional emails which you get. What say ?

    • Hey, I am everywhere..hehe 😛
      Thanks so much for your time here. Yes, please pay attention to those comments…You will surely get something to work upon..

  5. Really great post Aswani!! I enjoy your writings everywhere. Yours tips here are really useful and I’m sure to keep this in mind.

  6. great post aswani, and your writing is very clear and can be easily understood by persons like me…great to see you spreading good tips,..keep it up.

  7. wow these r awesome tips… great post Aswani 🙂

  8. that was terrific guest post , hope i get some one for my blog too .

  9. Great post Aswani as usual! I agree with you, receive comment on a blog posts, keep me motivated to do better and better with my blog and give me more ideas on how to help my readers…keep it up!

  10. Nice in depth tips ! Best mentioned Comments – which makes other bloggers interact and grow up the blog 🙂

    • Thanks Ajinkya…hmm…comments are big motivational factor for any blogger. We must make sure that we receive it on a regular basis. And a thing I would like to add here – Learn to comment first and then expect others to comment. Also, learn the art of networking. This is the secret behind getting so many readers and thus so many comments from them.

  11. Thank you for these tips! I couldn’t agree more.

  12. Great Tips And Useful. Thanks ! 🙂

  13. Little tough for me in reading the article. Please increase the font size bro.

    – Robin

  14. I have a suggestion, please break the texts into few more passages so that readability will be great. 🙂

    Your contents are really great


    – Robin

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