Creating an Ecommerce Site is Easy with Website Builder Software

When it comes to creating ecommerce websites, choosing quality website builder software is very important, as it would make the whole process of website creation fast and easy. Site builder software is a tool that allows website construction without the need for manual code editing. The market is flooded with site builder software to help people without technical knowledge create their own websites.  For those with a little coding knowledge, they will be able to take their website functionality and design a little further – however, this is not a definite necessity when building a website.

A few years ago, if you needed to create an ecommerce website, you had to go through a stressful process of learning the basics of coding or spend a colossal amount on hiring an expert to get the job done.  Not anymore!

You can use shopify website builder software to build and also run your very own online ecommerce website. You can get access to pretty much everything that you need to create your online shop and sell on the internet. You can utilize your staff account to easily log in to the admin area, where you can build your site then manage and accept orders from credit card holders.


You can accomplish many important tasks with this software such as:

Add Goods and manage Inventory

You can: add goods, set stock levels, upload photographs, and so much more to build your inventory.

  • You can upload the images of your goods/products. Some builder software providers will ensure that you never need to worry about optimizing or resizing images – the provider of the builder software will do all that for you.
  • You can write product details and descriptions, and also enter the color, size and weight of the product among other details.
  • Managing your inventory will be easy with the inventory editor.
  • Some providers of this software offer you the opportunity to bulk import your inventory. This means that you can add the goods you sell at one time or “bulk-import” all of them from other files or ecommerce sites.

Organize Your Products

There are website builder tools that will sort the goods that you are selling online into different categories. For example: you will be able to categorize all the bangles, necklaces and rings in a “Jewelry” collection category, while you have some of the same jewelry pieces in a “Sales” collection.

Content Management

You will want your ecommerce website to come with a CMS (content management system), which is used to create website pages and blog posts. With this system, you can easily create website pages. The built-in blog software can help you create new blogs or simply important your existing blogs to your website. Everyone knows that blogs are a wonderful marketing and sales tool.

Accept Orders for the Goods You Sell

You will find it easy to view and accept payments from credit holder from your website. It is a great idea to have website builder software that allows your customers to write down comments and to specify options when paying for goods on your website.  The software should also be able to help you track order status, so that you will be able to know which orders have been shipped, delivered and paid for.  You should also be able to see detailed information about the person(s) who placed the order(s). Some builders even come with a fraud detection system to warn you the moment it detects an order that seems suspicious on your website.

According to, website builders continue to add more themes to their collection to attract users to choose their builder. This is a vital consideration for you, as many site builders have way too many similar tools. You want website builder software that will set your site apart from others.

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