Can a Smartphone Replace All Your Other Gadgets ?

Phones were developed primarily for communication purposes. Over time, people saw the need to make telephone communication more flexible and consequently came up with mobile phones. That’s the point where a significant tech revolution occurred. Mobile phones gave birth to smartphones. Unlike regular phone manufacturers, smartphone companies design and make gadgets which are not only for communication, but are also aimed at improving your daily life.

Today, smartphones are mostly assessed not only by how good they are at making and receiving calls, but also by how ‘smart’ they are. ‘Smart’ refers to the technical features in the gadgets which you can use to make your life easier. This has seen smartphones replace many other gadgets and render them obsolete.

Currently, a smartphone cannot replace all your gadgets. Developers and tech experts suggest that this may change over the next couple of years, however. The only thing you’ll need to carry around after that will be your smartphone. In the meantime, some of the gadgets you can replace with a smartphone include:


Alarm Clock

In the past, you probably used a ringing alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning. Such clocks were so important that most people had them on their bedsides. Today, they’ve become unnecessary thanks to smartphones.

Each smartphone comes with a pre-installed alarm clock app which gives you more options than the standard analogue clock. For instance, you can set several alarms at different times in case you need to snooze right before you wake up.

Satellite Navigation Systems

Satellite companies used to cash in on navigation systems installed in vehicles, boats and planes. The Global Positioning chips installed in the systems allowed people to navigate according to real time directions obtained from satellites. Currently, these companies are facing a significant risk from smartphones due to the micro GPS chips which come preinstalled in phones. Many people are now relying on GPS apps to navigate, especially within unfamiliar areas. In fact, with such an app, you don’t have to ask directions from anyone. Just key in your destination and your phone will help you get there.

Remote Controls

It may come as a surprise to some, but smartphones these days can also be used as remote controls. Through infrared waves and Bluetooth, smartphones can be synced with your electronic gadgets to control them remotely. In fact, smartphones have a wider remote radius than standard remote controls. The latest electronic gadgets like televisions and Hi-Fi systems are being designed to be compatible with smartphone apps to allow their users to control them from any position. Some users have even synced all their home electronics with their smartphones. Consequently, they’re able to control them collectively from the comfort of their sofas.

There are several other areas where smartphones have successfully revolutionized aspects of life by rendering other gadgets useless. Tech companies are still looking for ways to improve this by incorporating more features in smartphones to make them even more superior than standard gadgets. It’s therefore expected that soon you probably won’t even need half of the gadgets that you use on a daily basis. Your smartphone will have everything you need!

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